How to Perform the Correct Filtration  Process in Water Tanks?
05 Sep

Water Tanks can be used for many purposes. When we look at the purposes of use
of a water tank model in general, it is the means to protect a food or chemical 
content after storage, to transport and to use the content by discharging it when 

In general, everything can be stored in the water tank. But the most stored content 
is water. The stored water can sometimes come from spring water and sometimes 
from rain collection systems. For this reason, drinking these waters directly can 
create some health problems. The filter process comes into play in this section. 

If a rain collection system is available, a thick porous filter should be installed in the 
part where the water fills the tank. It will then be separated from unwanted parts that
are larger in sizes. But we can't say the water is still clean. The stored water must be 
filtered using fine-pore, even nanometer-scale filters. After this filtration process, the 
water will become drinkable.

Are Water Tanks Suitable for Food Storage?

One of the most common questions asked for these tanks is their suitability for food. 
All storage products have superiority specific to raw materials and design. While 
water tanks such as pickle water tanks are produced directly for a specific purpose, 
some water tanks have a wide range of needs.

The most suitable tanks for heat storage are those produced using polyethylene and 
stainless steel. Polyethylene is suitable for an internationally accepted food. In this 
way, polyethylene tanks are used quite a lot for food storage purposes. It is known by
everyone that stainless steel does not cause any harm to food. Food storage can also
be done in polyester tanks. However, when we look at the range of use, we see that 
it is mostly used for chemical storage in the industrial field. In addition, if a strong 
chemical is to be stored in polyester tanks, tank isophthalic and epoxy based vinyl 
resin is used. The reason for using this material is to ensure that the water tank is 
resistant to the corrosive power of the chemical. 

Stainless steel tanks are in the category of the most robust tanks. These tanks are 
used quite a lot in the pharmaceutical industry. The most sterile tanks are stainless 
tanks. Because they are insulating due to their raw material, they do not receive any 
light into it. Since the working heat rate is also high, it can be stored in hot contents. 
Even if there is an external factor, it is very difficult to pierce or damage. It can be 
used for many years.

The Importance of Rainwater Collection System

Water collection system is a system that should be in every building in metropolitan 
areas. Because our Earth's resources are quite limited. For this reason, we can 
protect water, which is our most important source of life, through rainwater collection

Yağmur water collection systems can be installed in a very simple way. All you need 
is to  buy one of the models of polyethylene water tank, which has the most 
affordable price tag  . Then it will be enough to identify the pipe that discharges 
rainwater from the street in your building and place the tank you have purchased in 
the outlet of the pipe. Then, if you are going to use the water you store to drink, you 
need to use water filter devices.

So that we mentioned filtering situation of these tanks. You can drink the water 
you store by passing it through a number of filter processes. If you want to install a 
rainwater harvesting system and you have questions about the tanks, you can 
contact our customer representatives.

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