Why should I use an ecological giant pot?
24 Feb

Plastic, polyester, and our company is engaged in production of different models using pots made of stainless steel, chrome, Turkey's largest ecological production giant pots and big pots made the difference in production. Our ecological giant pot products, which can collect the water to be used by the plant that they host with their own rain harvest, stand out as the best potting solution for areas without soil contact. Our ecological giant pot, which can be used for all kinds of plants, saplings and tree species, offers an extremely ideal use especially for tree plants.

What are the prominent features of the ecological giant flower pot?

  • Giant dimensions with a base diameter of 180 cm and a height of 135 cm.
  • Aesthetic design that narrows upwards.
  • It can be used in many tree varieties with 1.8 m3 of soil volume.
  • 750 liter water storage reservoir where it can meet its water requirement by realizing its own rainwater harvest.
  • Irrigation system that can meet the water need by itself between 30 and 120 days depending on the type of plant.
  • Option to place water discharge valves from 4 different points to prevent excessive water accumulation in areas with heavy rainfall.
  • Easy to carry with the plant it contains.
  • Production from 1st quality material with 0 recyclable European standards.


Where are the ecological giant pots used?

  • Our ecological giant pot models offer a wide range of uses with its comfortable structure, with or without trees.
  • Urban squares with concrete floors or marbles.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Management offices.
  • Public areas such as the exhibition hall or theater hall.
  • Social facility, school, hospital etc. gardens and corridors of the areas.
  • Short-time events such as sports and congress organizations.
  • Fair areas.
  • Private terraces.
  • Areas with special landscape and architectural design.
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