Fiberglass Mobile Buffet

Big earnings with small investments fiberglass mobile buffet one of Karmod Plastic innovative designs, a special product.

Portable Mobile Buffets ensuring big gains to small investments

One of the special products from innovative designs of Karmod is that special mobile buffet specifically for realizing dreams of small investors. You can serve to your customers on different areas every day or on a fixed area with your mini shop or food business with mobile system that has a towable wheeled system.

With this innovative product, you can enjoy happiness of earning with sales from mobile buffet in a closed space comfort without being affected from climate conditions both in summer and winter. Your dreams will come true with price of mobile buffet, which requires very little investment to meet your customers with local taste. You can start earning in the same day at your special place and new workplace, you do not need to delay your dream of becoming an investor.

fiberglass mobile buffet

Make your customers meet with new tastes with fast food buffet

It is very easy not to get customers specific to you by demonstrating your skills with mobile street food cart. With this wheeled fast food buffet, you can make your customers meet with your specific local tastes and street tastes and you can start earning right away.

Pasta tastes of Italy, paella of Spain, feijoada of Brazil, traditional roast beef of England, Turkish kebab, stuffed grape leaves of Azerbaijan, can be a good start for your investment. Quince kebab of Gaziantep, white bean onion salad vinaigrette with tahini of Antalya, hogweed pancake of Çankırı, Hatay chicken in salt of Hatay, mince pie of Eskişehir, can turn into a unique street flavor brand.

You can make your customer with meet many tastes such as Hamburger, Turkish kebabs, deserts, ice-cream, pizza, bagel, toast, sandwich, flat baked bread through mobile buffet sales. You can buy water tanks of the desired capacity among wide range of our plastic water tanks for the water needs of your customers in the food and beverage areas we have created using our mobile buffet.

Mini Grocery Joy with Wheeled Mobile Buffet

Price of mobile buffet will be sufficient for you with your small savings. All you have to do is focus on starting sale in the day when street food truck arrives to you.

You can start making your supplies right away, since the mini grocery starts to be operated in same day as mobile buffet. You can place lots of market products such as biscuits, chocolates, crisps, juices, cake and snacks, in your mini grocery and you can enjoy meeting with your new customers. Open your door with good wishes in the morning, open the special shock absorber cover in the front and start selling.

In the evening, take your wheeled mini market aside or carry it practically in front of your house with your vehicle. Determine your own working hours with your mobile buffet. It is up to you, you can choose to provide service for 7/24. This will give you opportunity to earn for 24 hours close to service areas especially such as city squares, transportation stopover facilities, and hospitals. You can close and open up in safe.

Fast Food Buffet special for practical use

Today, as a result of speed of life, practical and easy access to food is extremely important. By using advantages of street food truck price that has a mobile system, you can operate a fast food buffet. With this mobile sales truck that will start to operate once you purchase it, you can make your customers meet with various tastes such as pizza and toast and you can turn into a brand passion for them. With interior design of mobile buffet, this fast food style is very suitable to present many foods to customer.

Mobile buffet sales presentation is very practical with its front sales counter and rear product preparation bench taking place in its ergonomic design. In the fast tempo and dynamism of a modern city life, mobile buffet has an extremely functional use. With practical use of street food vehicle, delicious foods easily go to the areas where customers are concentrated, it turns into taste by being mentioned amongst people. It ensures the best compliance with minimal life that is increasing trend recently. Tastes started to be presented to customers in boutique small avenues, turn into a big profit by growing as a result of spreading abroad. By decorating your mobile buffet areas with our illuminated led light pots models, you can create a beautiful image for your customers during the day and at night.

Why Mobile Buffet?

Mobile buffet facilitating product presentation with its innovations, has various superiorities coming into prominence. It is an innovation specific for Karmod brand that realized production in special design from polyester and polyethylene raw material in the process since 1986 till today. Wheeled street food truck is produced using polyester fiberglass material with Karmod expertise. The product is equipped with polyester main body with its long-lasting resistance, and special accessories specific for the product. It is the most practical and ready solution for the ones who want to make mobile buffet sales.

It is used in safe in many areas such as inside and front sides of malls, movie theatre and theatre halls, hotels and avenues, park and garden and picnic areas. With its mobile unit characteristic, it creates a practical buffet solution in international sports organizations together with meetings and demonstrations. With its mobile characteristic, it can be transferred from one place to another practically.

If you also think about turning your small investments into profit right away and earn in a short time, mobile buffet is specifically for you with its price and superiorities. You can contact us immediately for price of street food truck in Karmod quality.

Technical Characteristics of Mobile Buffet:

  • Material: Fiberglass reinforced polyester
  • Insulation: Double-walled polyester with polyurethane foam filling
  • Windows: Aluminum joinery specifically shaped
  • Wheels: 16" Special Wheel Rim
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