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Plastic Water Storage Tanks
Karmod has been manufacturing plastic water storage tanks since 1986 and is the leader company in production.
Fiberglass Storage Tanks
Founded in 1986, Karmod is a market leading manufacturer of fiberglass water storage tanks, supplying products to almost 50 countries.
Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
Karmod Plastic is also assertive in the stainless steel water tank sector with its long years of knowledge.
Plastic Calf Hutches
Karmod is a manufacturer of modern calf hutches for the new born calves at industrial breeding farms in order to provide them hygienic living quarters.
Cone Bottom Plastic Tanks
Karmod Plastic, cone bottom plastic tanks...
Brine and Pickle Storage Tanks
Brine Tanks and pickle tanks for pickles, olives, cherries, sauerkraut and peppers.
Textile Trolleys
Our textile trolleys are specially developed and designed for ergonomic use, considering practical applications in textile mills.
On Site Assembled Fiberglass Tanks
Karmod’s on-site assembled fiberglass tanks provide substantial solutions for water storage problem in the places with narrow entrances…
Paddle Boat
Karmod, the pioneer brand of rotomolding sector in Turkey with its experience since 1986, is proud to launch its new generation polyethylene pedal boat.
Fiberglass Mobile Buffet
Big earnings with small investments fiberglass mobile buffet one of Karmod Plastic innovative designs, a special product.
Portable Toilet
We are proud to add our new product into our portfolio that makes life easier: Polyethylene Portable Toilets.
Rubbish Chutes
Rubbish Chutes (Rubbish Chute, Rubble Chute, Garbage Tube)
Pool Water Slide
Mini pool water slide, which has been developed by Karmod Plastic’s R&D department, has been the new summer fun for children.
Led Light Pots
Our decorative led lights pots have an innovative design that adds quality and prestige to various places in architecture and landscape.
24 Feb
ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Certificate
water tanks
24 Feb
Our Export Volume Is Growing
water tanks
24 Feb
3 Layer Special Water Tank Production
3 layer special water tank production
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