Developing its product quality and portfolio continuously by means of R&D, Karmod has adopted the mentality of introducing innovational, functional, useful products and customer satisfaction as a principle.

Product Groups
Plastic Storage Tanks
We manufacture durable products ranging from water tanks...
Fiberglass Storage Tanks
Karmod, with its experience more than a quarter-century, is a leader brand in polyester tank production.
Stainless Storage Tanks
Karmod stainless steel storage tanks
Plastic Calf Hutches
Karmod is a manufacturer of modern calf hutches for the new born calves at industrial breeding farms in order to provide them hygienic living quarters.
Non Freezing Animal Drinkers
Karmod’s new polyethylene freze proof cattle waterers provide clean, fresh water to the cattles in livestock farms under all kinds of climatic conditions.
Paddle Boat
Karmod, the pioneer brand of rotomolding sector in Turkey with its experience since 1986, is proud to launch its new generation polyethylene pedal boat.
Pool Water Slide
Mini pool water slide, which has been developed by Karmod Plastic’s R&D department, has been the new summer fun for children.
Textile Trolleys
Our textile trolleys are specially developed and designed for ergonomic use, considering practical applications in textile mills.
Led Light Pots
Our decorative led lightened pots have an innovative design that adds quality and prestige to various places in architecture and landscape.
Rubbish Chutes
Rubbish Chutes (Rubbish Chute, Rubble Chute, Garbage Tube)
Plastic Traffic Barriers
Our plastic traffic barriers are manufactured as per the dimensions and colours that are specified by legar authorities and can be transported easily thanks to its light structure.
Portable Toilet
We are proud to add our new product into our portfolio that makes life easier: Polyethylene Portable Toilets.
GRP Modular Tanks
GRP modular tank, is the name of the system in which high volumes of liquids (200000 liter, 300000 liter etc) can be stored. GRP modular tank can be assembled in averywhere outdoors or indoors because it is delivered in unassembled form and it is assembled on field.
Plasitc Water & Feed Trough
Another new product of Karmod for livestock breeders is polyethylene cow water trough. Karmod’s cow waterer trough is manufactured with optimum dimensions to facilitate a large number of cattles can drink water at the same time.
Fiberglass Mobile Buffet