Waste Water Lifting Station

The system used to lift waste water in sage areas remained below central waste water sewage line level, is named waste water lifting station.

Waste water lifting station solution

The system used to lift waste water in sage areas remained below central waste water sewage line level, is named waste water lifting station. Karmod has been producing waste water tank that has an important function in removing waste water with its expertise in storage tanks since 1986. These tanks those have an important function for waste water station, are produced by using fiberglass composite materials with CTP system. It is safely used without need for maintenance for long years with its high endurance and impact strength as a special production for grey water lifting station. FRP tanks are mostly preferred as waste water lifting stations or for the purpose of collecting various effluents.

A safe solution for waste water problem with this waste water tank

Removing waste water requires an important substructure system since waste water arises from different areas of use mainly from houses, factories, schools, social facilities toilet and washbasin areas. Not having a central sewage system from buildings where they exit from, or if it remains at a lower level, cause another important problem. This situation directly threatens public health, especially those in vicinity of that waste. It causes significant risks for epidemic diseases.

Waste water tank prepared before sewage system, removes this problems and disposes health risks. It makes waste management easier for houses where there is not sewage or where it remains above in terms of level, industrial facilities, and many private and public service buildings. Toilet wastes, waste oils, all types of wastes that have no homogeneity with general solid wastes can be decomposed and stored in waste water tank, as well as general waste water.

Practical solution with waste water stations

A practical solution is created with waste water stations to make that all types of waste water and solid wasted that can be available in waste water are decomposed and stored and transferred to treatment facility.

Waste water tanks specifically for lifting stations

Waste water tank reflecting expertise and production quality of Karmod, was specifically designed for waste water lifting stations. By using these specially developed tanks, wastewater lifting stations can be designed and prepared very quickly in every area where it is needed. Thanks to waste water station, which was commissioned in a short time, possible problems are completely resolved and left behind. With its ready-to-use concept, it greatly eliminates and reduces construction work where it is used. Waste water tank ensures integrity with general equipment of waste water lifting station and ensures operation of the system.

Regardless of underground or ground usage conditions, it can be used safely for long years with the best impact strength and endurance superiority. With its superior quality not requiring maintenance, waste water lifting station ensures saving from investment budget without rusting or not exposed to corrosion. It is easily prepared in all kinds of usage areas and commissioned in a short time.

In addition to its long-term use, it has advantage of being able to be designed quickly according to needs of building where it will provide service for wastes. Waste water tank models that have many capacity options in standard production, ensures contribution to quick projecting and solutions. It has a system where equipment connections can be made easily.

As a result of having a slippery surface, solid waste and their residues adhere to the floor at a minimum level. It can be used safely for years without need for service and maintenance. Waste water station improved with fiberglass reinforcement layers, protects its quality superiority for years and always maintains its strength at its first day. Plastic underground water tanks offer alternative solutions for collecting wastewater under the ground or for the storage of various liquids. You can choose one of our FRP ready-to-use waste water lifting stations or our underground water tank options according to your requirements.

What are the advantages of waste water station?

It minimizes costs by operating with low energy use with its specially developed production model. Its commissioning, operating and investment costs are highly economical compared to similar ones. Maintenance and service costs are very low as it does not require maintenance for many years. It makes a great contribution to protect environment by making saving in waste water lifting station investment by being used in special chemicals’ settling and decomposition in industrial facilities.

It eliminates bad odors and images that may occur because it ensures safe storage and transfer of all wastes such as toilets and chemical wastes. It makes contribution to preparation of a healthy, clean and safe environment. It minimizes hydrogen sulfide level formed in waste water station as an advantage of the system. In this respect, it makes a great contribution to occupational health and safety.

We provide solution alternative for waste water pumping stations with different liter and tonnage capacities with our Karmod expertise. For waste water tank solutions specifically for lifting stations, we recommend you to contact with us through our contact pages.

Where is Waste Water Station Used?

  • Industrial Production Facilities and Organized Industrial Zones
  • Public and Private Sector Service Buildings
  • Municipality and Service Buildings
  • Hospitals and Health Facility Buildings
  • Hotels and Timesharing Holiday Zones
  • Mass Housings
  • Malls
  • Sports and Social Facility Buildings
  • Schools and University Campuses
  • Village and Town Waste Storage Management Systems
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