Plastic Storage Tanks
Karmod has been manufacturing plastic water storage tanks since 1986 and is the leader company in production...

Karmod has been manufacturing plastic water storage tanks since 1986 and is the leader company in production and supply of both polyethylene tanks in Turkey and the World. We have an extensive range of plastic water tanks for various applications in domestic, agricultural and industrial areas with almost 40 years experience.

Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we have been developing our quality and product range from the first day onwards. You can find our plastic water tanks from 50 litres up to 25000 litres and you can select the most appropriate type and size from our wide assortment of tanks for your requirement. Our product range includes vertical tanks, horizontal tanks, loft tanks, prismatic tanks, water bowsers, underground tanks, water butts, conical bottom tanks, open top water tanks, etc.

Plastic Storage Tanks
Product Group
Plastic vertical water tanks
Plastic Vertical Water Tanks
Karmod plastic vertical water tanks provide very good water storage solutions for the places with restricted space...
Plastic horizontal water tank
Plastic Horizontal Water Tank
Karmod has various types of plastic tanks for various applications. Plastic horizontal water tanks with volumes...
Rectangular water tanks
Rectangular Plastic Tanks
Plastic Rectangular Water Tanks, produced with Karmod's experience and expertise, offer cost effective water storage...
New generation polyethylene slim water tank
New Generation Polyethylene Slim Water Tank
Karmod’s new generation polyethylene slim water storage tanks provide functional water storage solutions for locations with restricted space…
Millenium polyethylene vertical water tank
Milenium Water Tank
Karmod’s millenium series polyethylene vertical tanks combine functional storage solutions with quality, aesthetics and elegance…
Underground water tanks
Underground Water Tanks
Karmod’s plastic underground water tanks are very strong thanks to their crack-proof, deep ribbed structure...
Cone bottom plastic tanks
Cone Bottom Plastic Tanks
Karmod plastic cone bottom plastic tanks...
Brine and pickle storage tanks
Brine and Pickle Storage Tanks
Brine Tanks and pickle tanks for pickles, olives, cherries, sauerkraut and peppers...

Our standard polyethylene tanks come with screw type lids and brass outlet fittings. Accessories can be changed and various accessories such as extra inlet – outlet fittings, level indicators, extra manholes etc can be added as per customer requirements. Besides that, our polyethylene water storage tanks come with an extensive range of lively colours. Colour tanks are not transparent and they do not take the sun light inside so they minimize the growth of algae or moss preventing the exposure of the liquid inside to sun light.

Our plastic tanks provide many advantages compared to other material. Firstly, they are durable, easy to maintain because of their light weight. Secondly, they are manufactured in monobloc structure so that the risk of leakage is minimized. Moreover, state of the art technology full automatic machines are used in the manufacturing process, so the tanks are produced to the highest quality standards. Thus, optimal and homogeneous wall thickness as well as a smooth inner surface is obtained during production. These tanks can be washed easily with pressurized water and traditional detergents. Furthermore, they are supplied at very affordable prices compared to other material tanks such as steel or GRP.

Our polyethylene water tanks are made from rotationally moulded foodgrade and UV resistant polyethylene. Using linear polyethyelene in rotational moulding process provides an excellent impact strength to these plastic tanks. Linear polyethylene material is also resistant against most of the chemicals and UV sun rays, it is not affected by harsh climatic conditions and can be used under an extensive range of temperatures from -20⁰C up to +50⁰C; so these tanks are tough, hygienic, corrosion-free and durable. They can be used with safe for many years. Our wide range of polyethylene tanks provide optimal solutions for potable water storage, liquid fertiliser storage, chemical storage, molasses storage, liquid food stuffs storage, rain water harvesting, irrigation, landscaping etc, in almost all the aspects of daily life. If the tanks are used as water transport tanks for transportation of water from one place to another, we recommend our customers to use baffled tanks or to use ball baffles inside the tanks so as to add strength to the tank and reduce the surge effect due to the water movement inside the tank.

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