Plastic Water Storage Tanks

Karmod has been manufacturing plastic water storage tanks since 1986 and is the leader company in production.

Water is an irreplaceable source for both human health and life. Each living being in the world must meet its water need. Especially, human beings met their two types of water need from different sources, as both potable and domestic water. In potable water uses, cleaning, hygiene and healthy accommodation come into prominence. In domestic water uses, hygiene and not containing bacteria in water to be accommodated have great importance. Thanks to plastic water tank, we provide solution both for your both hygienic water accommodation and potable water storage needs. Karmod Plastik (Karmod Plastic) is always on your side for the clean potable water tank subject.

Plastic Water Storage Tanks
Product Group
polyethylene vertical tank
Plastic Vertical Water Tanks
Karmod plastic vertical water tanks provide very good water storage solutions for the places with restricted space.
Plastic horizontal water tank
Plastic Horizontal Water Tank
Karmod has various types of plastic tanks for various applications. Plastic horizontal water tanks with volumes.
Rectangular water tanks
Rectangular Plastic Tanks
Plastic Rectangular Water Tanks, produced with Karmod's experience and expertise, offer cost effective water storage.
New generation polyethylene slim water tank
New Generation Polyethylene Slim Water Tank
Karmod’s new generation polyethylene slim water storage tanks provide functional water storage solutions for locations with restricted space…
Millenium polyethylene vertical water tank
Millennium Water Tank
Karmod’s millennium series plastic vertical tanks combine functional storage solutions with quality, aesthetics and elegance.
underground water tanks
Underground Water Tanks
Karmod’s plastic underground water tanks are very strong thanks to their crack-proof, deep ribbed structure.
Cone bottom plastic tanks
Cone Bottom Plastic Tanks
Karmod Plastic, cone bottom plastic tanks...
Brine and pickle storage tanks
Brine and Pickle Storage Tanks
Brine Tanks and pickle tanks for pickles, olives, cherries, sauerkraut and peppers.

It comes to our area of use through the mains water system prepared underground up to our homes or work places in areas where there is an intense country life. However, this incoming water is to meet our general use needs. The mains water system is used for different situations such as washing laundry, dishes, taking shower, washing our hands of cleaning. We meet our potable water needs from prepared water that we purchase outside. If you live in areas away from mains water or if you want to take measure again water cuts, plastic water tank models are the most suitable products for you. You can use plastic water storage tank in areas such as homes, villages, gardens, factories or any area you want.

It is important to take measure against water cuts as well as need to accommodate water. In case of intense water use situations, water shortage is experienced in summer months. In case of instant failures or maintenance situations, water cuts are experienced for hours. You can make a choice amongst water tanks polyethylene in vertical, horizontal and prismatic cornered models that we produce. We have water tank productions in each model, capacity and size. Since water tanks are produced by using polyethylene raw material, it provides a safe solution for all liquid accommodation processes.

Prices of Plastic Water Tank

Since the water tank is produced by polyethylene, it is cheaper than tanks produced by various materials. Since polyester and stainless tanks are produced by manual labor, it increases costs. In the same time, materials used for these types of tanks, are more expensive compared to LLDPE polyethylene raw material. However, prices of plastic water tanks, come into prominence with their exclusive advantages. The most important elements affecting price of plastic water tanks, are color of tank, wall thickness and additional apparatus on them.

We provide the most competitive solutions with prices of plastic water tank. We provide the most affordable and the cheapest prices to you. Since standard tanks are used for needs to store more water, they are more affordable in terms of price and which tank you will purchase is based on only place of use. However, prices vary for special tanks. While determining prices of plastic water tank, prices vary compared to standard tanks for instance for fuel oil or acid tanks. Prices of plastic water tank vary also based on model. The products of vertical and horizontal water tanks in the same tonnage, differ in terms of price. Likewise, prices of horizontal and square model tanks differ in terms of prices of the ones with the same capacity.

For the most correct water tank prices, you can fill contact our forms and reach us and you can learn the most correct prices simultaneously. Also, you can get information quickly about advantageous prices and discounts that we created for you.

Plastic Water Tank Models

Plastic tanks are produced with mono-block body and as a single piece building. For this reason, while selecting plastic tanks, dimensions of area of use have importance. As a result of performed works and R&D researches, we produced tank models suitable for all areas. Our plastic tank productions are produced up to 25 tons capacity in vertical, horizontal and square forms. Produced tanks have cylindrical or cornered prismatic form. In the same time, while some of our tanks have a footed body, some others are produced flat-footed. Especially for high tonnage storage needs, we have 25 tons vertical water tank productions. In case that tank area is not suitable in terms of height, we produce horizontal tanks with a capacity up to 5 tons. For house uses, we have potable water tanks in our stocks in square model from 100 liters to 500 liters.

For plastic water tank models, formed rectangular water tank models can be used for caravan or in-vehicle uses. Rectangle formed tanks have an ideal ergonomic structure for a practical use with their easy to carry structure and dimensions suitable for all areas. Plastic water tank models, are produced for both individual and commercial uses. The tanks those have capacity and dimensions more than 50, have structure suitable for ensuring liquid health. There are various areas of use for plastic water storage tanks. We have varieties suitable for all areas of use.

Characteristics of Plastic Water Tank

Plastic water tank models are produced by using LLDPE plastic raw materials that have full recycling. Thanks to first quality raw material used in our plastic water tanks and production technics, you can use it for long years. Our plastic tanks have a structure suitable with food theme known as food grade. It also ensures a high protection for liquids against san rays with its high U.V. Stabilized resistance. Production is realized in different dimensions from 50 liters to 25 tons capacity, each of them contains Karmod Plastic assurance.

Since plastic water storage tanks are produced in vertical, horizontal and square models, their areas of use and characteristics may differ. Each of them from vertical ones to horizontal ones, provide solutions with their ergonomic designs for different liquid storage tanks with the same function. Each of our tanks are produced in special moulds prepared with expertise. Plastic water tank models produced with rotation mould technology, ensures extra resistance with their aesthetic rib design increasing durability in liquid storages in high tonnages. The best ergonomic design was revealed in its ground contact. Besides, its structure was strengthened about protection of plastic tank against challenging conditions with its high impact resistance. In terms of its characteristics, plastic water tank comes into prominence with its superior structure compared to similar ones in the sector. Thanks to these superior characteristics of ours, we became the most preferred brand of Turkey.

Areas of Use of Plastic Water Tank

While purchasing a tank, its area of use and liquid type should be analyzed well. It is required to determine characteristics of plastic water tank suitable with that and the most suitable tank should be selected. You can reach to the best result by using plastic water storage tank productions in your areas of use. Plastic vertical water tank is generally preferred in indoors and outdoors. The tanks that have high U.V. stabilization values in blue color, are intensively purchased for outdoor uses. It is intensively preferred to be used as watering tanks in fields and for storing various chemicals in industrial areas and for water needs of work place, homes and apartments. Since vertical water tank is the biggest plastic storage product with 25 tons of capacity, it is used in every areas based on different liquid accommodation needs.

Plastic horizontal water tanks are the ones those have long and short in terms of length. For this reason, it is intensively preferred on penthouses. In case of water cut, the tanks preferred up to 5 tons of capacity, can meet your long-term water need. Besides, it is used for accommodation of various liquid as well as water. You can accommodate milk up to 50 tons or 100 tons with horizontal tanks with 5 tons capacity that are connected in parallel in milk production facilities. This situation is also valid for different sectors. Besides, horizontal tanks are also preferred often for accommodation of domestic water in village houses, summer houses or winter houses. Since our square water tank products are produced with capacity up to 500 liters, it is used to meet potable and domestic water needs in a healthy manner in homes. Besides, it can also be used as water and liquid carriage tank. You will go to picnic but you need water? You can purchase our square tanks with 100 liters or 200 liters capacity and you can take it to area where you will go, at behind of your car. You like to travel with caravan? You can purchase of 500 liters tank, you can you it as clean water tank or dirty water accommodation tank.

Plastic water tank models do not let you down for your all needs thanks to its flexible structure, quality body, ergonomic use and long lasting structure. Our plastic tank can easily be used for storing glucose, acid, sugar, chemicals, milt, olive oil, water and food.

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