Is it possible to store a large amount of cold water in the summer?

04 Sep

Water tanks have become quite popular in recent times. Because with the many advantages offered by the water tanks to the user, the sale of the water tanks with a very reasonable price tag attracts people who need storage. When we look at the purposes of use of water tanks in general, an ingredient that can be food or chemicals. We see that they are vehicles that allow them to be protected from external factors and variable seasonal conditions after storage, and to be transported and evacuated when needed.

During the summer months, it can be very difficult to maintain the contents inside a water tank. The water tank can become very difficult to keep a content cold in the summer. Storing a large amount of cold water is of course possible, even in summer. However, these water tanks must be kept at the desired coldness. We can compare this situation to a water bottle. When you put a bottle with water in it in the refrigerator, your water cools down and stays cold. In the same way, you should keep the water tanks in cold storage to keep the water you store cold.
If you want it to be cool but not too cold, it is recommended that you store your storage in a more enclosed area that is not directly exposed to the Sun. In subsoil tanks, they are tanks that keep the contents cool. However, if you want to keep any content, not just water, cold, the tank should definitely be kept in cold storage.


Which Water tanks Cool Fast?

Some tanks can cool down and heat up quickly in essence from the raw material they are produced. The fastest cooling water tanks are stainless tanks. Stainless tanks are made of stainless steel. Thanks to this raw material, the water tanks do not receive harmful rays inside, and if the environment in which they are located is cold, they can cool down quickly. Stainless tanks are included in the category of the most robust tanks. This robustness comes from its raw material, that is, stainless steel. In addition, the working heat rate is also quite high. It can withstand up to +80 degrees. However, when you store a content at this temperature, it is recommended that you do not touch the tank.

In terms of cold, the working heat rate of all tanks is -5 degrees. However, water tanks can withstand the constant cold. If the content is not frozen, it can be easily drained from the water tank. In cold storages, freezing point is generally targeted. Since it will be difficult to evacuate the frozen contents, the level of cold storage should be kept below the freezing level. If the ingredient is in liquid form, it may be easy to evacuate, while frozen ingredients will take some time to return to liquid form.


Can All Storage Products Be Used for Cooling Operation?

All tanks can be used for cooling process. However, the tanks that can cool down the fastest are the tanks produced from stainless steel due to their raw materials. While food products such as chocolate and glucose can be stored in stainless stores. Chemical contents such as medicines, acids and detergents can be stored.

If we look at the features of the water tanks other than cooling in general, the water tanks are produced with three different raw materials. These raw materials are polyethylene, polyester and stainless steel. Among these raw materials, we have made quite a lot of information about stainless steel. The general characteristics of other tanks, ie polyester and polyethylene tanks, are as follows;


General characteristics of polyethylene tanks;

•   Suitable for food storage,
•   It is among the lightest water tanks.
•   It has the most affordable price tag.
•   It is quite easy to clean.
•   It is produced in one piece.
•   It can be produced in any color.
•   It has ultraviolet ray resistance.
•   There are 50 liters to 25,000 liters in size variations.
•   The operating heat rate is from -5 degrees to +50 degrees.

General characteristics of polyester tanks;

•   It is the most suitable water tank for chemical storage.
•   Production is carried out in large tonnages.
•   Cleaning and maintenance is quite easy.
•   It has the advantage of on-site installation.
•   It can be produced in any color.
•   It is resistant to harmful rays because it is UV stabilized.
•   There are 200 liters to 100,000 liters of size variations.
•   The operating heat rate is from -5 degrees to +60 degrees.
•   Easily shipped.

Thus, together we learned the test of these tanks with the cold. You can choose the storage product that is suitable for you in the light of the information we have given above. You can contact our customer representatives for questions and price offers you may have.

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