Underground Water Tanks

Karmod’s plastic underground water tanks are very strong thanks to their crack-proof, deep ribbed structure.

The underground water tanks are used for many purposes, not only for water storage need. Plastic underground water tank is used mostly for potable water and general domestic water storage. The underground tanks are generally the tanks buried underground. For this reason, they should have high endurance and resistance. Some tank users do not want to keep their liquid tank on the ground. The reason of that is that the tank outside is exposed of sun rays or impacts. For this reason, underground water tank is preferred and a solution is found for underground storage.

Plastic underground water tank and underground tank models are produced for providing solution for different uses or for storing various liquids needed such as water, waste, diesel oil, fuel, quiescent tank and septic tank. The tanks that have high endurance values and that can be buried underground, provide advantages in terms of many perspectives. These tanks that make difference especially in terms of high endurance, come into prominence with prices of underground water tank. These tanks ensuring location and price advantage, are the most preferred tanks recently.

underground water tanks
Underground Water Tanks
2.000 Litre Underground Water Tanks
2.000 Litre Underground Water Tanks
2.000 Liters
Underground Water Tanks
5.000 Litre Underground Water Tanks
5.000 Litre Underground Water Tanks
5.000 Liters
Underground Water Tanks
5.000 Litre Underground Septic Tank
5.000 Litre Underground Septic Tank
5.000 Liters

As a difference from plastic water tank product group, underground water tank, ensures big ease in terms of area advantage. Subjected to tank embedding specifications determined by Karmod Plastic, our embedded tanks ensure a great easiness since it will not cover any area on the ground. Since the ground above that tank will be a smooth area, it can be used for different needs.

Prices of plastic underground water tank

Prices of underground water tank make difference in terms of usage advantage as well as its area advantage. The underground tank is advantageous in all aspects. Its ease of use, tank cleaning, less light transmittance, protection of liquid and many other subjects make the tank superior than others. Additionally, prices of plastic underground water tank is highly suitable prices compared to similar ones in the sector.

The underground tanks are produced by two different materials. One of them is polyester underground tanks that we call fiberglass raw material. Since these tanks are produced completely by manual labor and in order to increase underground endurance and since more raw material is used, its price is high. However, since plastic underground water tank is produced completely by LLDP raw materials, its price is more affordable. For this reason, if you are looking for a tank that can be embedded, prices of plastic underground water tank offered by Karmod Plastic, provide privileges for you.

Plastic underground water tank models

We have underground tank models that are produced by two different raw materials. One of them is polyester underground tanks that are produced by fiberglass raw material, and the other one is the tanks produced by using LLDP polyethylene raw material. Plastic underground water tank models are produced in 2 different tonnages. We produce underground water tank with 2 tons capacity and underground water tanks with 5 tons capacity by using polyethylene raw material.

The biggest advantage of plastic tanks is that they are more affordable in terms of prices of underground water tank. Plastic underground water tank models that contain a single mono-block body, ensure an extra endurance about not to cause leaking. Since it has not connection or welding area, it does not cause problems such as cracking and breaking sourced from connection points.

We produce the ground tanks in different models as water tanks. The tanks that will be used as the ground tanks, are produced with different raw material ratios compared to the underground tanks. For this reason, there is no underground model of plastic tanks in every dimension. However, we, as Karmod Plastic, produce the underground tank models in accordance with you needs for your special projects with our special mould designs and R&D and P&D services. If you cannot find tonnage that you want, in plastic underground water tank models, we can make production in dimensions that you want. You can immediately contact us if you want to make us produce whether 3 underground tank or 300 of them, with special mould design. If you have a special mould that you made in a different place, we can also make production of a unit in your contract manufacturing factory.

Characteristics of plastic underground water tank

Polyethylene raw materials is used in production of many tanks. One of these tanks is our plastic underground water tank model. Our tanks that are produced with linear low-density LLDPE raw material, are produced in a manner to be durable against challenging underground conditions. For this reason, body form of our tanks that are produced by first quality raw material in the world standards, is very strong. In all plastic tanks that we produce as the underground water tank, these raw materials that we brought from Europe, are used.

When characteristics of plastic underground water tank, are taken into account, many advantages are seen. These tanks that can endure for long years underground, are reinforced specifically for problems such as breaking and cracking. It body form and wall thickness are more than a normal plastic tank. If you watch the video on our YouTube page where a 30 tons excavator pass above one of our 5 tons plastic underground tank, you can understand strong structure of the tank better. Besides, if you watch other videos on the page, you can obtain information about plastic underground water tank models.

It is beneficial for a long-term protection of water or other liquids in the underground water tank. Since sun rays do not contract with the tank directly, there will be no moss or bacteria formation in plastic tank. Since these tanks that have full U.V. stabilization, are also buried underground, they ensure full protection against sun rays.

About plastic underground water tank

All types of needs for storing all types of water or liquid, are combined on a single tank. Especially our 5 tons underground tank model is very strong with its body form. When characteristics of plastic underground water tank are taken into account, it is clearly seen how strong its endurance.

When you prefer a tank amongst plastic underground water tank models, it is absolutely required to inspect its installation and manual before starting installation. Stages for embedding underground, should be practiced in order and properly. Problems arises for tank that is embedded underground without following instructions. Before installation, compliance of place, ground and soil structure where the tank will be embedded, whether concrete is poured and correct properly, unground water level that can be formed and drainage level of soil, maximum weight ratios on the ground when the tank is embedded and covered, should be analyzed well. If you have not full knowledge about these subjects, you can find a solution for your needs quickly by having support from our expert sales consultant and engineers.

Plastic underground water tank variations can be used for many needs such as fuel, waste water, septic wastes, food storage, acid storage, chemical storage, etc., in addition to water. It is a solution for your liquid storage needs complying with all sectors and areas. You can obtain information quickly by filling contact forms about our products providing advantages in terms of prices of plastic underground water tank.

How can a polyethylene underground water tank be installed in an area?
Since these tanks will be buried underground, the designated area for tank installation should be determined, and there should be no traffic flow over the area. If desired, the tank and its surroundings can be enclosed with a fence for security purposes. It is recommended to prepare the connections of the tank according to its intended use before bringing the tank to the site. Since the selected tank will be buried, the area where it will be buried should be wide enough for machinery to operate.
How often should I clean my polyethylene underground water tank?
Cleaning underground tanks can seem challenging due to their location. The cleaning frequency of your tank should be determined based on its intended use. Septic tanks used as underground tanks do not require cleaning as the waste inside is discharged using a vacuum truck. For storing sensitive contents, it is recommended to clean the tank after each use, and at least once a year.
How can I clean my polyethylene underground water tank?
The throat design of underground tanks allows for the entry of cleaning equipment, reaching even the farthest points. Therefore, they are not produced in very large sizes as the cleaning of larger tanks would require longer cleaning equipment. It is advised not to use heavy chemical or scented cleaners. Regular cleaning prevents the formation of unpleasant odors inside the tank.
Can repairs be made to my polyethylene underground water tank?
It is quite difficult for underground tanks to sustain damage. Since the tank is buried underground, repairing it becomes challenging. In such cases, it may be preferable to purchase a new tank and have it buried in the same area. Alternatively, repairs can be performed by excavating the area where the tank is buried.
How can I connect my polyethylene underground water tank to my home?
An underground tank should be connected to your home based on its intended usage. For septic tanks, you can connect them to the drainage system of your home. To use the contents of the tank in your home, you simply need to connect the plumbing of your home to the outlet of the tank using a suitable connection.
Which polyethylene underground water tank should I choose?
Polyethylene underground tanks can be used for a variety of purposes. To make the best tank selection, you can contact our customer representatives who can assist you in choosing the most suitable tank based on your specific needs.
Can I store food in my polyethylene underground water tank?
Polyethylene underground tanks are suitable for storing not only water but also food and other valuable contents such as diesel. These tanks ensure the safety and integrity of the stored contents, making them ideal for food storage as well.
How can I find the polyethylene underground water tank that is suitable for me or my brand?
The most suitable tank selection depends on factors such as your working conditions, the type of content you want to store, and the tank capacity. Underground tanks also provide a secure environment for light-sensitive materials. By consulting with our customer representatives, you can receive recommendations on the most suitable tank for your specific requirements.
Does the polyethylene underground water tank allow harmful radiation inside?
Being located underground, underground tanks do not receive any light inside. Additionally, polyethylene is UV stabilized, which prevents the tank from allowing harmful radiation inside. As a result, the formation of algae and harmful parasites is prevented within the tank.
What material is used and how is the polyethylene underground water tank manufactured?
Polyethylene underground tanks are manufactured using high-quality polyethylene material through a process called monoblock production. This production method involves molding the tank as a single piece without the need for additional joints or fasteners. As a result, these tanks are highly durable and have a longer lifespan.
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