Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Founded in 1986, Karmod is a market leading manufacturer of fiberglass water storage tanks, supplying products to almost 50 countries.

Fiberglass Water Tanks

Karmod offers its customers a wide choice of fiberglass water tanks from 200 liters to 100 tons depending on their customer needs. These storage tanks; GRP water storage tanks, fiberglass rainwater harvest tanks, fiberglas diesel storage tanks, fiber chemical storage tanks are specially produced for each storage need and industrial enterprise with different usage purposes.

In addition, if the storage tank does not have a sufficient area above the ground surface, that is, above ground use, it allows you to easily store up to 100 tons by burying it under the ground. The most preferred advantage of fiberglass water tank models production is that it has an underground solution. Of course, there is a price difference between above ground and underground storage tanks. For this, you should analyze your needs in the best way and the most accurate fiberglass water tank characteristics should be determined and storage tank purchase should be made. In addition, these tanks allow installation in the desired area with the on-site mounting feature in cases where it is not possible to move or place them where they will be used.

Fiberglass Storage Tanks
Product Group
Horizontal frp storage tanks
Horizontal FRP Storage Tanks
Complying with international quality standards, Karmod’s horizontal fiberglass storage tanks provide long term and trouble-free storage solutions for domestic and industrial needs.
Polyester Vertical Water Tank
Vertical FRP Storage Tanks
Among Karmod’s wide water tank product range, vertical FRP storage tank stands out with its ergonomic use.
vertical water tank with stand
Fiberglass Water Tank with Stand
Vertical fiberglass water tank with stand are manufactured for safe storage of various chemicals as well as for storage of every kind of water.
Polyester Prismatic Store
Square FRP Storage Tanks
Having horizontal strucutures and aesthetic appearances, our square FRP water tanks can be placed at various places easily for ergonomic use.
Polyester Underground Warehouses
Underground Storage Tanks
Have the edge on every aspect with FRP Underground Water Tank.
Polyester Horizontal Water Tank
Large Volume Storage Tanks
Karmod with its leadership in the water tank sector till today since 1986, produces large volume storage tanks in addition to many other products.
Septic Tank
Septic Tank
Fiberglass fuel storage tanks
Fiberglass Fuel Storage Tanks
Karmod’s fiberglass fuel storage tanks provide secure storage of crude oil as well as petrolium based liquids such as diesel fuel and gasoline, without any failures over time…
On site assembled fiberglass tanks
On Site Assembled Fiberglass Tanks
Karmod’s on-site assembled fiberglass tanks provide substantial solutions for water storage problem in the places with narrow entrances…
industrial warehouses
Industrial Fiberglass Tanks
Industrial polyester tanks are preferred for storage of all types of chemicals, and especially water, at industrial companies. The basic reason for use of polyester tanks in industry is that they are durable, lightweight, incoruptible and economic.
Polyester Sodium Hypochlorite Tank
Polyester Sodium Hypochlorite Tank
Rainwater Harvesting Tank
Rainwater Harvesting Tank
Polyester Special Products
Fiberglass Special Products

Fiberglass water tank models have a wide variety of products. The characteristics of these tanks differ according to the purpose of use. For example; If the tank is to be used to store drinking water, the inner surface of the tank should be covered with a gelcoat layer suitable for contact with food. This food-appropriate gelcoat layer ensures that drinking water is stored safely in the very inch. In the same way, if chemical storage is to be made, the abrasion properties and chemical reactions of the liquid should be examined in detail and the tanks should be strengthened accordingly.

Fiberglass Water Tank Prices

Fiberglass water tank models are different from each other. For this reason, each water tank has its own unit pricing. When we examine all the water tanks that our company produces, the most affordable water tanks are plastic water tanks produced with polyethylene raw materials. After plastic tanks, FRP water tank and stainless tanks come. The most important factor affecting the price of these tanks is the raw materials used, the materials and the difficulties in the production process.

When you need a small size storage tank, the unit cost of fiberglass tanks is higher than plastic tanks. For this reason, if you are looking for a small tank, we recommend you choose from our plastic water tank ranges. However, if you need a tank with a high tonnage or to be buried underground, you should definitely choose a tank from among the FRP water tank types. Our water tanks, which are produced using polyester raw materials and strengthened at the desired rate with their reinforceable structure, stand out with more economical fiberglass water tank prices compared to their counterparts in the sector.

We serve with the most affordable FRP water tank prices you are looking for without over your budget. With our innovative products suitable for your needs, your liquid storage processes will now be much easier. To get detailed information about vertical, horizontal and four-cornered fiberglass water tank types, you can use the get a order button at the bottom of the products or you can easily reach us with the contact information on the contact page.

Fiberglass Water Tank Models

While offering the most economical water tanks to our customers with fiberglass water tank prices, we make a difference with our product range. Our company, which has been serving with FRP (fiberglass) water tank productions since its establishment, has the most models and diversity. We produce more than 100 models of FRP storage tanks, including vertical, horizontal, four-cornered prismatic and vertical legs.

In addition to our standard productions, we produce new models or design new FRP storage tanks for your special projects with the development of our R&D and P&D departments. We are expanding our innovative designs that make life easier day by day. With our rich product range, we serve many individual and sectoral customers.

With FRP water tank models, you will not only do water storage. Our tanks are suitable for housing various types of liquids. You can use the water tanks we produce from 200 liters to 100 tons capacity in many areas from industrial establishments to your homes. Especially our fiberglass horizontal water tank products are in great demand in our sector. We are Turkey's leading brand in FRP (fiberglass) water tank production with our high strength tanks.

Fiberglass Water Tank Features

Fiberglass storage tank has a wide variety of liquid storage. It allows the storage of various food or industrial liquids from water to chemicals, from acid to fuel oil, from detergents to fruit juice. For this reason, fiberglass storage tank produced up to 100 tons should be produced by making the necessary customizations to the type of liquid to be accommodated. These customizations benefit both the high-security storage of the liquid in the water tank and human health.

There are some specific connectors used during the production of fiberglass storage tank models. If the FRP water tank properties are carefully examined, it is seen that these materials are glass fiber reinforced polyester raw materials, thermoset resins (usually vinyl or epoxy resins). In other words, the water tanks are reinforced with glass fibers that give impact resistance and strength to the composite material. Once these FRP storage tank are produced with the use of all materials, a certain curing time is required in order to reach their optimum mechanical properties. After this period is completed, Karmod's perfect fiberglass storage tank models emerge. You can safely use the water tanks with the smooth inner surface and the highest impact resistance in the sector for many years.

Other features of the water tanks produced using polyester raw materials are as follows;

  • FRP storage tanks can be used above or below ground without any fear of failure. It does not rust, is resistant to corrosion and impact.
  • The size of a fiberglass water tank does not depend on a mold. Therefore, it is possible to produce FRP (fiberglass) water tanks of any size.
  • Easily portable.
  • When sufficiently reinforced, it can be used as a transport tank.
  • It has a strong structure that can accommodate all kinds of liquids.

Fiberglass Water Tank Usage Areas

Glass fiber reinforced FRP storage tanks, called fiberglass water tanks or fiberglass water tanks, are often used for the storage of potable water and various liquids. Glass fiber reinforced FRP water tank is produced using various layers. For this reason, it allows easy customization according to the area of use.

FRP (fiberglass) water tank specifications should be determined according to the area to be used and these features should be taken into consideration in the tank to be produced. After paying attention to this issue, the usage area of the water tanks is very wide. These tanks can be used in apartments, summer houses, field irrigation, factories, production facilities, industrial areas, all areas where there is a density of people such as shopping malls or stadiums.

There are fiberglass storage tank models with different features produced by our company. Especially the fire water tank used in industrial and mass housing, as well as the FRP septic tank used in these areas, are very popular. It is also preferred as diesel and fuel tank at fuel stations. Fiberglass storage tanks are purchased for safe storage of acid-derived chemicals in industrial facilities and factories.

In recent years, we have started to produce FRP rainwater tanks by customizing our FRP storage tanks in accordance with the rainwater harvesting process, which is important for our state and various organizations. With large tonnage rainwater collection tanks, you can now safely collect rainwater in any area.

Storing chemicals and liquids used in the production phases has never been easier. With the FRP (fiberglass) water tank produced up to 100 tons capacity, you can store high sizes of liquids in the factory environment. In addition, our water tanks can be connected to each other in parallel to reach higher tonnages. Whether you want to use 300 tons or 700 tons of capacity, you can get a high liquid storage solution by synchronizing our tanks together.

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