1.500 Litre Water Tank

1.500 L plastic vertical water tank models and water storage details...
  • Weight 35 kg
  • Width / Diameter 112 cm
  • Height 159 cm
  • Thickness 6 mm
  • Outlet Fitting ¾ "
  • Cover 44 cm
  • Capacity 1.500 Liters
  • Operating Temperature -5°C +50°C
General Information

1.5 Ton Plastic Vertical Water Tank

Today, it is produced in a way that suits almost every need. As it is produced for every need, it is also very suitable in terms of prices. Thanks to its vertical design, it does not take up much space in the area where it is stacked. It is also very suitable for use on production lines.

If we analyze these water tanks in terms of raw materials; It is produced from its chemical abbreviation LLDPE, or linear low-density polyethylene. The reason why polyethylene is used as a raw material is that it is suitable for food at the international level. In addition, the polyethylene used in the production of these tanks is UV stabilized. Therefore, ultraviolet rays do not enter these tanks. In this way, the formation of algae and fungi in the tank is not observed.

These water tanks are produced in a monoblock, that is, monolithic form. In this way, no additions or rivets are made with an extra piece. In this way, these tanks are more durable. Since it is produced in a monoblock way, it does not leak in any way. Again, since it is produced in this way, the inner surface is slippery, thus facilitating cleaning. The throat “top side water entry” of these tanks is designed to be of suitable diameter for more convenient cleaning. there will be no bad smell and dirt in the regularly cleaned tanks.

1.5 Ton Plastic Vertical Water Tank Advantages

There are many advantages that these water tanks provide to the user. Perhaps the most important of these advantages is that it is portable. Thanks to its upright structure, it can be stacked side by side in the area to be transported. This is a essential advantage feature for brands that want to transport raw materials.

Another important advantage is the color advantage. The produced tanks are produced with white and blue color options. However, these tanks can be produced in any desired color palette. Since all our products are under our guarantee against manufacturing defects, brands can easily use this type of option. In addition, the high color option allows the liquid or food in the tank to be categorized more easily.

Another important advantage is the use of quality raw materials. No recycled raw materials or colorants were used on any of the products produced. We produce every product produced with our experience and latest technology production systems since 1986.

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