Did You Know These 5 Myths About Water Storage?

26 Jul

These water tanks are used in many areas today. So much so that it can be used in industries, workplaces and even in our homes. In fact, its use is not limited to our country, it is also used in the African continent, where water is valuable. If we look at other countries in the world, we see that these tanks are used in many rain collection systems.
When we look at the usage purposes of water tanks in general, they are the tools that ensure that a content is protected by the method of storage, transported or used by evacuating when needed. Plastic water storage tanks Some legends have arisen in the minds of the people in many storage categories, especially in the underground water tank. We are writing this article to explain some of the things that prove that these legends are just urban legends.

Can underground tanks be used for a long time?

It is thought that these tanks will not be very robust since they are underground. But these tanks are placed very carefully under the ground. In fact, as a result of some tests, cars were passed over and it was observed that nothing happened. In these tanks, contents such as fuel are stored in general. However, it can also be used for purposes such as irrigation and spraying in agricultural areas. These tanks can be preferred because the contents stored under the ground are a few degrees colder than above ground. In addition, these tanks are less exposed to environmental conditions since they are underground.

How can you find the perfect tank that is fit for you?

As we mentioned above, these tanks are used for many purposes. As such, their usage purposes are divided into many different categories. If you are looking for a tank that you will evaluate in terms of space, you can choose it by considering the designs of the tanks. If you want to store a hot content, you can choose tanks made of stainless steel. Because their operating temperature rates are quite high. They can work up to +80 degrees.

This ratio is close to the boiling point. If you want to store food, tanks produced using polyethylene are quite suitable for this job. Without dealing with any of these, you can also call us and specify your purpose of use and the issues that are important to you and request a tank recommendation. It is our job to produce and find the most suitable tank for you.

Can everything be stored in water tanks?

Each tank has its own special advantages. While polyethylene tanks are suitable for food storage as materials, polyester tanks are effective in chemical storage. Tanks produced with stainless steel can store almost anything in them. Although each tank has its own advantages due to its materials, everything desired can be stored in all of them.
Can food be stored in polyethylene tanks?
Polyethylene material is the most suitable tank for food storage. Because polyethylene has international food compatibility. Therefore, even the covers of these tanks are produced using polyethylene material. Brass sleeve is also used in the sleeve part.

What is the strongest water tank?

All tanks produced are produced in a very solid structure. Within the scope of P&D studies carried out before production, most mistakes made by other manufacturers in production were corrected. However, stainless water tank models are shown in the most robust category. The reason for this is that the operating temperature of these tanks is quite high compared to the others. The operating temperature of the tanks produced using stainless steel is +80 degrees.

This ratio is almost the boiling point. On the other hand, stainless steel is a highly insulating and hard material. Although this material creates weight, it is quite durable.
In general, tanks have high ultraviolet resistance. In this way, harmful rays do not enter the tanks. Thus, the formation of parasites such as algae in the tank is not observed. In many ways, all tanks are built in a robust manner.
In this article, we have written many urban legends about tanks. After that, when you hear these urban legends around you, you can say that it is a false statement and direct them to this article. You can talk to our customer representatives about other questions that come to your mind.

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