On Site Assembled Fiberglass Tanks

Karmod’s on-site assembled fiberglass tanks provide substantial solutions for water storage problem in the places with narrow entrances…

Founded in 1986, Karmod has gained the trust of its customers with the solutions it provided to their liquid storage problems and has become one of the largest manufacturers of fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks in the market. Our onsite assembled fiberglass storage tanks are one of these solutions that is provided for water storage in the places where the tank size exceeds the size of entrances. Actually, production principle of our on-site assembled fiberglass water tanks is very simple: production of the parts of the tank seperately, carrying the parts seperately through the doors or the entrance of the building, assembling the parts in place to create a monolithic tank structure.

Firstly, our specilialized technicians design the project according to our customer’s needs, i.e. purpose of use, required capacity, etc. After the project is confirmed by the customer, the parts of on-site assembled GRP tank are manufactured seperately from each other at our modern facilities, by applying some specific reinforcements. Then, all the parts of the tank are transported to the customer’s site and carried to the field of assembly. Finally, they are assembled at site in order to form a monoblock tank that is ready to use.

On site assembled fiberglass storage tanks

Karmod has got the expertise and the experience to assemble GRP storage tanks on-site under all kinds of climatic conditions, indoor or outdoor. Our assembly teams are equipped with all necessary apparatus, tools and material for the carriage and assembly of the demounted parts of GRP tanks. After the assembly process is completed, our assembled on-site FRP tanks are ready to use and can be utilized for domestic, industrial, agricultural use. Various kinds of liquids such as potable water, waste water, chemicals, fire fighting water, rain water etc can be stored in these tanks.

Our built on site fiberglass water tanks are advantageous products as being preproduced by Karmod quality at our facilities and assembled on-site by our specialized staff. Field assembled fiberglass tanks provide advantages such as easy and economical transportation. In addition to that, field erected fiberglass tanks make it possible to ensure big capacities of liquid storage at places with narrow entrances or at basement floors of the buildings.

Our on-site assembled fiberglass water storage tanks are widely preferred by the managements of old residential apartments for replacing old, cracked water storage tanks which are at the end of their economic lifespan. Our on-site erected fiberglass storage tanks are not used at only the residential apartments but also at the municipal water conditioning units, militarial facilities, drop irrigation systems, industrieal facilities etc. for storage of liquids.

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