Stainless Storage Tanks

Karmod is also assertive in the Stainless Warehouse sector with its long years of knowledge. With its wide product range from 500 liters to 100,000 liters, it continues to offer new alternatives to users in the storage of products such as water, milk, fruit juice, olive oil, vinegar, molasses, chocolate, chemicals, acids, glucose, and diesel. With its horizontal and vertical options, Karmod chrome warehouses are offered to users in suitable shapes and sizes, horizontal, vertical and prismatic for every area.

Product Group
Vertical Stainless Water Tank
Horizontal Stainless Water Tank
Prismatic Stainless Water Tank

Karmod stainless tanks are produced from AISI 304 (optionally 316) quality stainless steel sheet, joints are made with argon welding. No corrosion occurs on the tank body or on the welds. Except for the stainless steel material, no other materials such as carbon steel are used and the quality is not compromised.

Karmod stainless steel tanks are delivered to users by on-site assembly in places where the area where the warehouse will be used is suitable, but where it is not possible to take the warehouse there.

Stainless Steel Inox Tank Features:

  • It is manufactured from AISI 304 – 316 quality stainless steel sheet suitable for food.
  • It is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Does not leak.
  • The inner and outer surface of the tank is slippery and smooth; does not easily get dirty.
  • Production can be made in the required tonnage in the range of 500 L – 100,000 L.
  • There are booster connections, discharge outlets, level indicator outlets in the tanks.
  • Cleaning etc. by entering the warehouse. There is a suitable wide manhole for the works.
  • It is suitable for inter-warehouse connection. Multiple warehouses can be used together without any problems.
  • It is manufactured as horizontal cylindrical, vertical cylindrical and prismatic.
  • On-site assembly is possible.
  • It can be manufactured with a mixer.
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