100 Litre Water Tank

100 L plastic vertical water tank models and water storage details...
  • Weight 6 kg
  • Width / Diameter 43 cm
  • Height 79 cm
  • Thickness 4 mm
  • Outlet Fitting ½ '
  • Cover 12 cm
  • Capacity 100 Liters
  • Operating Temperature -5°C +50°C
General Information

Karmod Plastik manufactures water tanks with first quality linear polyethylene raw materials, completely considering human health. We produce our 100 liters vertical water tank product in white and blue in our factory.

In line with customer needs, we have original color raw material and alternative color productions such as black, green, yellow and orange.

Our factory: Our rotation technology and the plastic raw material we use are in compliance with European Standards and human health. Chemicals or dyestuffs are not used in our production.

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