Couple of Ways to Keep Your Water Tank Cool in The Summer

26 Jul

Lately, we can see storage products everywhere around us. That is because water tanks are very versatile. They are used for many purposes both in our country and abroad. Since water is valuable in countries such as Africa, they are used to protect water from external environmental conditions. In other countries, including our country, they are used for the storage of the contents coming out of the production line and for the storage of most raw materials.
When we look at it in terms of its intended use, in general, they are tools that allow the storage of a content to protect it from external environmental conditions, its transportation, and then its evacuation when needed. Fiberglass Water Tanks So, what are the ways to keep these tanks cool in the summer heat, let's find out together.

1. Keep the tank you use in a closed area.

When you expose a tank to direct sunlight, the tank and the stored contents will heat up quite quickly. Instead, you can keep the contents a few degrees cooler by closing the tank in a closed area. You can get more efficiency in this regard by insulating the closed area if possible.

2. Which tank cool the fastest?

The fastest cooling and fastest heating tanks are the ones that are made out of stainless steel. As a material, when it enters a cold environment, it cools very quickly. That's why these tanks are used quite a lot in cold storage. These tanks are used very effectively especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

3. Are underground tanks effective in cooling?

Underground tanks are much cooler than the ones that are above ground. There are many different opinions about these tanks, which capture a natural coolness under the ground, but the most suitable tanks for keeping the contents cool are the ones that are underground. Because the heat can only reach a few centimeters below the ground. Since they cannot reach any lower, these tanks can stay a few degrees cool.

4. Do the harmful rays from the sun enter the tank?

Another issue that affects the temperature in the tank is harmful ultraviolet rays. It is recommended to protect these tanks from the sun as much as possible when acquired. This is important for the longevity of your tank. You can keep the tank you use cooler by protecting it from harmful rays as much as possible.

5. Can these tanks be used in basements?

These tanks are usually kept in dark areas. With very little use these tanks are kept out. These tanks can be used in basements if there will be no external intervention to the tank. If you prefer models that are higher than the ground, you will also protect them against pests that can roam the ground.

What are the Properties of Water Tanks?

These tanks are produced with three different materials. These materials are polyethylene, polyester and stainless steel. While each tank has its own advantages, they also have common features. In terms of production method, polyethylene water tank models are produced in a monoblock manner, while other tanks are produced by combining the parts obtained from their materials by welding and bonding.

While polyethylene tanks are suitable for potable and edible ingredients, polyester tanks excel at storing chemicals. Stainless tanks, on the other hand, are considered the most robust storage products. The reason for this is that it has been made with a very hard and insulating material.

Other common features of these tanks are as follows;
• They have ultraviolet ray isolation.
• They have versatile.
• Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for two years.
• They are easy to transport.
• They can be manufactured very quickly.
• There is a variety of sizes starting from 50 liters up to 100,000 liters.
• Special project design can be done.
• On-site assembly is possible.
• They are produced in accordance with environmental and health management systems.
• They are produced using the latest technology production systems.
• Operating temperature rates vary between +50 degrees and +80 degrees.
• Cleaning and maintenance can be done quite simply.
• They are long-lasting and durable.
In this article, we have informed how to cool your tank in summer heat. You can contact our customer representatives to find the tank that is suitable for you and to find answers to your questions.

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