How Can I Choose The Most Suitable Water Tank for My Working Style?

06 Jul

How Can I Choose The Most Suitable Water Tank for My Working Style?

These tanks are being used for many purposes lately. They find a lot of use both in our country and abroad. While water tanks models can be used in almost every part of our homes, they are also used a lot in workplaces and industrial areas. Another reason why these tanks are popular is that they are versatile.
In general, the purpose of use of tanks is to store a food or chemical content, to protect it from external factors, to allow the content to be transported, then to be evacuated and used when needed. Tanks can be used for any purpose. But finding the right tank can sometimes be a problem. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to understand how these tanks are produced and in general, their characteristics and superiorities.

How are Water Tanks Produced?

Our tanks that are suitable for every need and budget can be manufactured. These tanks are produced with three different materials: polyethylene, polyester and stainless steel. Plastic Water Storage Tanks produced from raw materials such as ceramics and iron are quite inefficient and damage the contents. Therefore, materials of poor quality or harmful to the tank are never used in the production of tanks. In addition, all tanks are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for two years.
The tanks that we produce have common features as well as some advantages among themselves. The most important of these is that all of them have ultraviolet light resistance. Your damaged tanks can be repaired in our facilities.
General Features of Polyethylene Water Tanks
Contrary to popular belief, polyethylene tanks are quite suitable for the storage and preservation of food and drinkable contents. Unlike the others, these tanks are produced as monoblock, that is, in one piece. The fact that they are produced in this way both facilitates cleaning and increases its durability. Other features of polyethylene tanks are as follows;
• Production can be made in any desired color.
• They have high ultraviolet ray resistance.
• They are very economical.
• These tanks are produced in one piece with the latest technology production systems.
• They are long-lasting and durable.
• They can be easily cleaned.
• They have a longer life as there are no attachments or rivets.
• Size variety is between 50 liters and 25,000 liters.
• The operating temperature is between -5 degrees and +50 degrees.
• They are produced in accordance with environmental management and health management systems.
• Tank covers are produced from polyethylene with screw system in order to store food.
• Brass sleeve is used in the sleeve part for food compatibility.

General Features of Polyester Water Tanks

Polyester tanks are tanks with the highest level of chemical resistance. These tanks are essentially formed by mixing polyester resin with glass fiber. This material obtained is produced from a polyester water tank using special adhesives. In case of a situation that requires high chemical resistance, isophthalic and epoxy-based vinylester resins are used during production. Other features of polyester tanks are as follows;
• They can adapt to situations requiring high chemical resistance.
• They have the advantage of on-site assembly.
• They have the largest volume among tank models.
• Volume diversity is between 200 liters and 100,000 liters.
• They can be produced in any color.
• Special project design can be done.
• They have ultraviolet ray protection.
• Working temperature ratio is between -5 degrees and +60 degrees.

General Features of Stainless Water Tanks

These tanks are in the strongest tank category. The reason for this is that they are insulating, hard and difficult to break and bend as a material. In addition to these, they are quite heavy tanks. But almost anything can be stored in it. Other features of stainless tanks are as follows;
• These tanks do not rust and corrode when operating in water.
• They have the advantage of on-site assembly.
• They can be produced in any desired size with special project design.
• Since steel is an insulator, they have ultraviolet resistance.
• The operating temperature is +80 degrees in the highest tanks. This ratio is very close to the boiling point.
• As the size grows, ladder support has been added to the tank design.
• All designs have supports made of stainless steel.
• They are in the most durable warehouse category.
• The size variety is between 500 liters and 100,000.
• They are very easy to clean.
• They require almost no maintenance.
• It is quite easy to categorize the contents as they are produced in any color palette.
Thanks to these features, you can easily find the tank that is closest to your working style. If you still cannot find the tank that is suitable for your working possibilities, you can contact us, explain your purpose of use and get a suitable tank recommendation. If you want to get information about our other storage products, you can contact us.

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