How to Install a Debris Chute? Debris Chute Tower Installation Guide?

18 Jul

Karmod Plastics provides quick solutions to the problem of debris and construction waste removal in high-rise buildings and construction sites. We offer our new, practical, and technological plastic debris disposal - chute systems made from high-quality polyethylene material at an affordable price.

The rubbish chutes provides a permanent and cost-effective system for construction sites. It is made from durable and high-quality polyethylene material. The debris disposal system poses no risk or safety issues during the process of transporting waste materials downwards. It safely facilitates the disposal of debris, construction rubble, and garbage from floor to floor.


Fast and Easy Installation

It can be easily adjusted and used for any height of floors. Each floor is supported by interlocking feet, ensuring smooth operation in high-rise buildings.

Space-Efficient and Portable

The Karmod Debris Chute offers great advantages in terms of easy transportation and space-saving due to its nesting cone structure.

Resistant to Hot and Cold Weather 

It is made from high-strength, UV-stabilized polyethylene. It is suitable for use in all climatic conditions on construction sites. With its ideal thickness and flexible structure, it has high impact resistance.We provide support for project planning and installation.

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