Industrial Fiberglass Tanks

Industrial polyester tanks are preferred for storage of all types of chemicals, and especially water, at industrial companies. The basic reason for use of polyester tanks in industry is that they are durable, lightweight, incoruptible and economic.

Karmod providing hundreds of tank solutions for areas of use from 50 liters to 100 tons, is a leader brand with its long-lasting and safety concept fiberglass industry tanks. It develops and produces the high tonnage FRP storage tanks in small liter capacity dimensions for industry facilities. The FRP water tanks are safely used mainly in industry and for storing petroleum products and different chemicals.

As the most important factors for preferring FRP industry tanks in industry facilities, its high endurance, being very light to the contrary of its endurance, not allowing rottenness and corrosion can be mentioned. Having very economical in terms of price compared to the other tank solutions, is also another important factor to prefer the FRP water tank. Also, the fact that it does not need to be constructed in its place as metal and concrete tanks, can be indicated amongst the reasons of preferring the FRP industrial water tank. Besides that, plastic water tank can be used for storage of various liquids in the industrial area.

Fiberglass Industry Tanks for an Inhabitable Environment

Drinking and utility water tanks, fire-protection water tanks, rainwater harvesting tanks also come to prominence amongst the water and liquid tanks. Fiberglass industry tanks that have the best compliance with underground conditions as well as on the ground uses, makes industrial facilities saving from space. The fire-protection water and rainwater harvesting tanks can be covered above by placing them to the most suitable site planned in garden of a production facility together with utility water as a part of construction project of a factory. This situation brings a great advantage for the factory facilities where every length in meters have a great important for a production site.

For utility water in the production facilities with 50 persons to 200 persons capacity, the fiberglass water tanks in 10 to 30 tons capacity are the most preferred models. The factories where more than 500 personnel work, generally prefer the FRP water tanks with 100 tons capacity. In the factories operated with a cooling system where water is also a part of production, a few tanks with 100 tons capacity are projected with a side-by-side settlement, and are offered to use.

FRP chemical storage tanks

The FRP storage tanks in the industry facilities take place amongst the safest solutions for storing petroleum products and chemicals that are parts of production as well as water. FRP chemical storage tanks that are high strength and endurance, preventing abrasion and that do not leak, brings the safety method for chemical storage. Acid storage tanks that have characteristics of high abrasion in chemical storage, can be produced safely by polyester raw material. Fiber glass reinforced fiberglass in acid storages by adding special chemicals to its production, ensures full strength to acid substance with an expertise.

Chemical painting raw materials take place amongst where the FRP tanks are used in textile sector. Karmod FRP tank that has food safety, is used in storage of glucose-like substances in food sector. The fiberglass tanks have an important function in storage petroleum products such as mainly diesel oil, gasoline, fuel-oil, oil-like substances. Generally, FRP horizontal tanks are preferred for the storage of such liquids.

Underground Fiberglass Tanks Makes Companies Earn Money

The companies preferring the underground fiberglass tanks that are developed especially for unground uses by Karmod expertise, earn from both place and budget. Rain harvesting that is an obligation, together with utility water or fire water tanks provide a safe use by taking them underground in the production sites. Underground method performs an important task since it does not limited the production sites. Underground fiberglass tanks that are produced as 5 thousand liters or 10 tons by specially being projected by Karmod expertise, come to prominence with their high quality and the best usage performance.

It provides the best solution suitable with underground use by being wrapped by the polyester raw material in layers and with fiberglass reinforcements with special technics. Its endurance is increased to the best level by using special chemicals. For the underground tanks to be used in industrial facilities, at the first stage, the place where it will be located is excavated and a ground concrete is made suitable with tank width and length on lower base. Around the water tank lowered to the ground through a crane, is completely closed after its mechanic installation connections are made. After it is closed, passing the vehicles above it in different tonnages does not harm FRP water tank with special strength. It provides usage for long years.

FRP Industry Tanks Specifically for Fire Water and Rain Harvesting

An important problem of the production facilities in terms of operation and job safety, is risk of fire. This concerning risk situation lead the production facilities to take measure together with public managements. For this purpose, fire water tanks took place amongst auxiliary equipment with an important function in the factories. The fire water tanks with 10 tons and above capacity, are needed based on size of the production facility.

Likewise, daily decreasing amount of water as an important resource due to reasons such as global warming, made storage of rain water to enter into agenda as an alternative water resource. Fiberglass rainwater harvesting tanks that do not take place by being embedded underground in the factory production facilities, is the best solution.

For our fire water or rainwater harvesting tank solutions and saving advantages, we recommend you to obtain information by using contact page. Karmod continues to support industry with its special FRP industry tanks from 5 thousand liters to 10 tons with its expertise.

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