Is Color Important in Plastic Water Tanks?

26 May

Nowadays, a wide range of storage products are being used. Particularly in countries in Africa and worldwide, many individuals and brands use polyethylene water tank models. This is because these tanks can be used for various purposes. They can store both organic and chemical contents.

Due to their manufacturing process, these tanks are also quite affordable. Polyethylene tanks are produced by pouring the material into specially designed molds and then extracting them as a single piece. This production method ensures that there are no rough edges or seams on the tank. As a result, all polyethylene tanks can be mass-produced.

1.  Allows for Easier Categorization of Different Contents.

When you store different contents in tanks with different colors, categorization becomes much easier. Without tanks of different colors, categorization would likely have to rely on labeling methods, which can be prone to oversight and create a less efficient categorization process. Therefore, choosing tanks of different colors makes sense and eases the categorization task. When you categorize the contents in tanks of different colors, you can know what is inside the tank just by looking at it from a distance.

2.  Provides Better Light Insulation.

Typically, storage products are made of polyethylene, polyester, or stainless steel. All storage products have insulation against harmful UV rays. When an additional color application is applied to the tank, it provides better light insulation. This feature is particularly important for light-sensitive content.

3.  Provides a Safe Space for Organic Contents.

All storage products can accommodate organic contents. However, water tanks of different colors create a safer space for organic contents due to the enhanced light insulation they provide. Various organic and chemical contents can be sensitive to light. In such cases, the best approach is to choose a desired color and purchase a tank made of polyethylene.

What are the Prices of Polyethylene Water Tanks?

Polyethylene tanks, which offer many benefits to users, often raise questions about their prices. In terms of pricing, tanks made of polyethylene are the most economical among storage products. They provide financial benefits to users. The prices of 4 ton water tanks vary depending on the raw material and dimensions of the storage product. Tanks made of polyethylene, commonly referred to as plastic, have a size range starting from 50 liters and can go up to 25 tons.
Some tanks are specifically designed for storage purposes. A perfect example is pickle tanks, which are used for storing pickles and brine products. You can explore storage products on our website and contact our customer representatives for price quotations or more information.

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