Mobile WC Usage Areas and Advantages

22 Sep




Karmod Plastic has added a new product to its product range with the production of mobile wc. Mobile wc, which is needed in many areas, will now reach its target audience with Karmod Plastic production quality and assurance.

Mobile wc is also known as a portable toilet. Portable toilets are preferred in many areas because they are easy to transport and can be installed and removed at different locations. Film sets, event venues, festivals and picnic areas, construction sites and beaches are the most preferred places for portable toilets.

Various factors stand out in the preference of these portable toilets. The practical installation, ready-to-use, and healthy usage of portable toilets increase demand.

Karmod Plastic portable toilets have a clean water tank capacity of 180 liters. The product is ready for mobile use in this way. It also has a water plumbing connection. Thus, by connecting the portable toilet to the mains water in the area where the mains water is available, fixed use can also be provided.

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