Polyester Sodium Hypochlorite Tank

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Sodium hypochlorite liquid, calcium hypochlorite and dichloroizosyninute are chlorinated disinfectants in the solid phase. Appearance and Smell: It is a liquid with a light, greenish yellow color, characteristic smell. The material of the tanks to be used for storage due to the corrosive effect of Sodium Hypochlorite on metals; high density polyethylene or glass fiber reinforced polyester tank.

Glass Fiber reinforced polyester is reinforced to withstand the density of the substance to be put in the tanks. Sodium Hypochlorite solutions deteriorate very quickly in the presence of ISI, LIGHT, IMPURITIES and HEAVY METAL cations. Therefore, storage conditions should be created with these in mind.

Our glass fiber reinforced polyester tanks are specially produced as sodium hypochlorite tanks.

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