Underground Tanks and Storage Tanks

20 Jun

Underground tanks and storage tanks

With our underground water tanks and various models of underground storage tanks, you can safely store water, waste, diesel, fuel, and other liquid materials underground. Our underground tank products, produced in desired tonnages and sizes, are designed to be used safely in tough conditions with their high strength and reinforced ribbed structure.

Underground Tanks

Our underground tanks, made from polyethylene and polyester raw materials, provide high resistance to soil pressure. When installed in accordance with special installation instructions and buried underground, they can be used without damage for many years, compatible with equipment like hydrophore pumps and submersible pumps.

What are the Differences Between Underground Tanks and Above-ground Tanks?

The most important feature of our underground tanks is their reinforced body structure compared to our above-ground tanks, and the fact that they will be positioned significantly in the area where they will be installed underground, providing space advantages.

General Features of Underground Tanks:

  • Our tanks are manufactured using polyethylene or polyester (fiberglass) raw materials, tailored to your preference.
  • Optionally, a breakwater system is placed inside the tank to reduce the sand load.
  • To prevent the liquid in the tank from emitting odors, a ventilation pipe, which will remain above the ground, is placed on the tank.
  • Installation and relocation of the tank can be done easily with the manholes on top.
  • Custom mold designs or molds sent by customers can be used to produce the desired underground tank.
  • It is produced to be compatible with the use of submersible pumps or hydrofor pumps.
  • Separating inner reservoirs can be constructed within the underground tanks.
  • It requires no maintenance, helping to reduce costs.
  • Underground tank systems can be connected to rainwater storage or waste-septic water storage and reuse.
  • The dimensions and locations of equipment like inlet, outlet, and filling pipes are flexible and can be customized according to your preferences.

You can choose one of the following tank models to examine our underground tanks that you can safely use:

  • 2-Ton Polyethylene Underground Tank (The next generation of underground tanks designed for underground placement)
  • 5-Ton Polyethylene Underground Tank (Specially designed underground tank with extra reinforcement, high strength, and durable body structure)
  • Polyester (Fiberglass) Underground Tank Models (Underground tank models that can be customized according to your preferences with special production)
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