What are the materials used in the construction of water tanks?

06 Jul

Tanks are products that stock water tanks to be easily used at any time and facilitate its use again. In general, they are produced in various models such as plastic, polyester, stainless, reinforced concrete, galvanized and steel. As a company, we produce plastic, polyester and stainless models. We are the leading brand in Turkey with our storage tank productions.

With the experience and knowledge, we have gained since 1986, we are producing tanks in 3 main groups. The tanks, which are produced from various raw materials and materials, have some special processes in the manufacturing process.

How Water Tanks Are Produced?

The tanks are used to stock liquids for various purposes. However, since the tanks are produced from different raw materials and materials, they have superior features to each other. The superior characteristics of each tank produced vary according to its design and raw material. But they all have something in common that has similarities to each other.

Materials used in the production of water tanks

The most important common feature of all the tanks we produce is that they provide high protection against ultraviolet rays. Thanks to U.V. resistance, the liquid in the tank is prevented from algae and bacteria production. Another common feature is the use of the latest technology production understanding and equipment. As a company, we always try to carry our production understanding further by maintaining our up-to-dateness.

It is necessary to learn the production methods to better understanding the quality of our tanks and which liquid can be stocked in them. Let's examine all of this in order.

How is the Production of Plastic Water Tanks Made?

These tanks are produced with LLDPE raw material. In other words, polyethylene is also known as raw material. There are various variations of the raw material used in production, which are sold in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. The highest quality tank production is made with raw materials with European standards. As a company, we make our productions with the 1st quality LLDPE raw material that we bring from Europe specially. Especially in the production of colored tanks, we do not color the natural white raw material with various chemicals and complete our manufacturing process with the use of original-colored raw materials for each colored tank to be produced.

How to manufacture plastic water tanks
How water tanks are manufactured

Another issue to be considered when producing tanks using polyethylene raw materials is the molds used and the quality of the trained personal who are experts in the field. In the productions made with rotation mold technology, it should be ensured that the storage molds are of high quality, smooth, high temperature resistant structure and will not make problems such as compression in the tank extraction process. In addition, the staff managing the production process must be experienced and expert in the field. As a company, we pay attention to all these issues. In this way, we proudly serve you as Turkey's most preferred plastic water tank water producer since 1986.

The water tank, whose production process is completed with the use of rotation mold technology and quality raw materials,  takes its final form by going through various processes. The tank removed from the molds are first subjected to a general inspection. It is examined in detail whether there are cracks, crushes, tears, etc. defects in the tanks.  If the tank does not have a problem caused by production, a general external cleaning and smoothing process is applied. After all these processes are completed, sleeve slots are installed to which the apparatus of the tank, such as faucets or drain pipes, can be connected. All processes are completed by attaching the lid in accordance with the top cover diameter of the tank that are ready to be placed in stocks.

Polyester Water Tank is carefully Produced by Our Masters

Unlike plastic models, these tanks are produced by hand. There is no machine cooking with any mold. These tanks are manufactured using polyester resins and glass fiber reinforcement. With its structure that can be strengthened by reinforcing layer by layer, they are the most useful tank where all kinds of liquids can be stocked. Thanks to this feature, it is often preferred for subsoil use . It is combined using special adhesives and reinforcing materials . In addition, thanks to the special adhesives and glass fiber used, it has a sealed body structure.

Since our tanks are produced entirely by hand, it is more advantageous than tanks made with polyethylene raw materials. Cover areas, attachment points, stair areas, legs and all other additional materials can be customized as desired. Plastic Water Storage Tanks provides an important advantage over concrete or metal tanks thanks to its body structure that does not allow against corrosion and decay. In this way, it ensures that the water or liquid contained in it is protected for long periods.

Stainless Water Tank Production Provides Significant Advantages

One of the various solution alternatives in the field of storage is our tanks produced with stainless chrome sheet. These tanks are produced using AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel. The sheet metal blocks taken in mold form are turned into tanks by performing various bending, cutting and boiling operations. Since our tanks are produced entirely with the labor of our craftsmen, they have a flexible design architecture like tanks produced with fiberglass raw materials.

Stainless water tank production provides important advantages

Stainless chrome hair can be bent, cut, and boiled in desired ways. In this way, our tanks are suitable for production in various capacities and sizes. It also allows customization of all additional components according to customer requirements. All the features such as connection slots, cover areas, size, capacity, ladder compartment, level indicator and wall thickness can be changed.

Since our tanks have an oxidizing and bacteria-repellent structure, they can protect the liquid for many years. The biggest advantage is that it is produced using stainless chrome sheet with smooth and hygienic body structure.

We Always Endeavor To Reach The Best While Producing Water Tanks

We always stand by our customers with our tank models that we have sold more than 150,000 units since 1986. Firm We always keep customer satisfaction at the top. For this reason, in addition to our quality materials used in tank production, we produce our tanks with the intensive work of our R&D and P&D departments. We design, test and present to the satisfaction of our customers down to the finest detail.

In this article, we tried to explain which tank has what features when you make your tank choice. If you want to get more detailed information about the tank you are looking for, you can reach our customer representatives using the information on the contact page and ask every question you have in mind down to the finest detail.

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