What should we pay attention to when buying a water tank?

06 Jul

What should we pay attention to when buying a Water tank?

Tanks are manufactured to store liquids according to their intended use and location. It ensures long-term preservation of the water and liquid material in it and allows us to use it by discharge at any time. In times of drought and water shortages, tanks are a life-saving product. If certain features are not taken into consideration while buying the tanks, it is possible to do harm more than benefits.
There are various tank manufacturers in our country and in the world. Accordingly, these tanks, which are widely used in homes or workplaces, have various models and alternatives. As a company, in this content, we will provide various information about what should be consider when buying a water tank, and which path you should follow in the process.

water tank should be selected by purposes of using

Water is an obligatory resource for the durability of life on Earth. We actively consume water as drinking water and general use water in our homes. For this reason, when choosing a water storage tank, we should pay attention to the purpose for which it will be used. Tanks produced by our company are produced using plastic, polyester, and stainless materials. Tanks have purposes and areas of use in accordance with the materials they are produced. For this reason, the characteristics of the products are of great importance in the selection of tanks. 

If your aim is to store drinking water, the polyethylene water tank produced using polyethylene raw material is the right choice with its ergonomics of use and economical prices. It is produced in various models as vertical, horizontal, and angular prismatic with a capacity of up to 25 tons. Also, it is available in our tanks, Plastic Water Storage Tanks which are produced by using stainless chrome sheet to store drinking water. Chrome tanks produced with a capacity of up to 100 tons are more costly in terms of price than tanks produced with polyethylene raw materials. For this reason, shopping malls, factories, stadiums, mass housing, etc. It is preferred in places where the human population is densely populated.

In other words, polyethylene tanks are preferred for individual uses, and stainless tanks are often preferred in areas with dense human population. Fiberglass tanks that we produce using polyester raw material are ideal for holding general use water. Fiberglass tanks are produced with a capacity of up to 100 tons and allow intensive use water storage. As a company, we use raw materials and materials that do not contain carcinogenic materials in the tanks we produce. At the same time, we prevent the tanks from holding bacteria with materials with antibacterial properties. If you are going to buy a tank, you should make the right choice according to the purpose of use and pay attention to the general characteristics of the tanks.

Appropriate sizes should be taken according to the place of use. 

In our sector, Tanks are produced in vertical, horizontal, angular prismatic and iron-footed silo models. The features, capacities, and dimensions of tank can be change. For this reason, the dimensions of the area where the tanks will be placed are of great importance in your preferences. For example, we have small capacity tanks with a height of 54 cm and a width of 37 cm. At the same time, 450 cm height, 290 cm width size high tonnage liquid is produced in our tanks suitable for placed. When researching and purchasing the tanks, it is necessary to choose the products that are suitable for the dimensions of the area you will use.

In the products purchased without paying attention to the appropriate tank’s dimensions instead of use, there are usually problems in placing the tanks in the residential area or it brings various problems during use. In such cases, the tanks are returned and replaced and the tanks with the appropriate dimensions are taken. However, in such cases, customers who are exposed to transportation money suffer losses with unnecessary economic costs. For this reason, the dimensions of the products are of great importance in your tank’s selections.

The raw material used in the production of the water tank must be of high quality

There are various raw materials and materials used in the production of warehouses. Especially in plastic warehouses produced using polyethylene raw material, raw materials are very important. There are various raw materials produced in Europe, Asia, and Africa. As a company, we produce with 1st quality LLDPE polyethylene raw material that we brought specially from Europe. We pay attention to the fact that the polyethylene raw material we use in production is not harmful to human health. The raw material we use is suitable for the food known as “food grade". With the advantage of being suitable for food, our tanks are suitable for drinking water or liquid food.
In our tanks, which are produced using polyester raw material or stainless chrome sheet. we produce with the products we buy from important suppliers of Europe and Turkey. In this way, all the tanks we produce are in conformity with world standards. We certify the quality of our tanks with our certificates from Turkey's leading certification bodies and offer healthy storage tanks to your desires.

You Should Pay Attention To The Color Of The Tank

Especially in plastic tank preferences, the color of the tank is of great importance. Since production is made with polyethylene raw material, the outer layer of the tank consists of plastic material. For this reason, if the tank will be kept in a closed area, white color should be preferred. If the tank is to be placed in an area exposed to U.V. rays, blue colored tank should be preferred.

The fact that the outer color of the tank is blue will prevent the sun's rays from entering the tank to a great extent. In this way, the seaweed retention time of water or liquids in the tank will take longer than in white tanks. In addition, the non-algaetic liquid will be prevented from producing bacteria. For this reason, it is of great importance for you to choose the storage color in accordance with the usage area.
In tanks produced in polyester and stainless, color does not matter. Due to the raw materials and materials used, the warehouses are produced in a structure resistant to sun rays.

How to Clean and Maintain the Tanks?

If the tanks containing water and liquid are to be used only for stocking, it causes sediment formation at the bottom of the tank over time. If the tanks are in continuous liquid circulation, such problems will not occur in a short time. However, such problems often occur in long-term water and liquid storage operations.

It should be cleaned as soon as it is noticed that there are algae, sediment formation and dirt accumulation in the tank. In general, we recommend cleaning in 3-4 months to protect human health and the quality of the liquid in the tank. After the tanks are completely emptied, they should be completely washed with the help of pressurized water and the washing water should be completely emptied from the tank. After a certain period, the tank will be allowed to dry, and it will become suitable for use again. In addition, the inside of the tank should be disinfected at certain times. In this way, the formation of bacteria will be prevented.

Warranty and Replacement of Tanks is an Important Matter

All warehouses produced by our company have a guarantee. The warehouses produced are under guarantee against any errors that may occur during production. When buying a product, you should pay attention to the fact that it is under the guarantee of the company. As a company, we are always with our customers. As a business ethics, we offer support even for user-related warehouse problems after years. We guide our customers in every problem and intervene immediately with our expert team when necessary.
Which Tanks Should Be Purchased for Areas with Narrow Entrances? (h4 tag)
Since plastic products are produced with rotation molding technology, they are produced in a single body structure known as Monoblock. There are no additional resources and merges. For this reason, you may not find the desired size of the warehouse in our plastic product group for narrow entrance areas. However, with the solutions of our R&D and P&D departments, we able the installation of water tanks in every area. 

We offer solutions for narrow entrance areas with our on-site installation warehouse service in polyester and stainless models. For example, You have a space and the entrance door is narrow, but the interior space is wide. If you want to have 50 tons or 100 tons warehouse installed in this area, the warehouses will not be able to enter in one piece from the entrance area. However, we offer the possibility of on-site installation in your tank selections in polyester or stainless models. All the warehouse parts are prepared according to the dimensions of the entrance area at the installation site and are transported to the installation site in this way. Warehouses are assembled on site and made into one piece by our expert team. In other words, instead of combining the warehouse in the factory environment and making it one piece, this process is carried out in the usage area.

We tried to explain the main issues that should be considered during your warehouse selection processes. However, there are several points to consider when buying a warehouse. As a company, we are always with you and answer all your questions in detail with our expert team.

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