Where Should You Locate the Cold Water Tank on Your Property?

05 Sep

When summer comes, we all want to have cold drinks, right? But would you like to drink your water cold? Under normal conditions we can put the water in a container and then put it in the refrigerator and cool it.

The water cooled by the refrigerator takes a lot of time. However,  you can easily cool the water you store with the water tank. You still need a cooler for cooling just like in the refrigerator. The example of a refrigerator is a simplified version of a procedure required for cooling not only for water, it can be for any content in the storage. 

These tanks can be used for almost any purpose. Storing water in tanks is sometimes based on rain collection systems and sometimes directly on the use of spring water in case of water interruption. Sometimes it is stored for use in emergency situations such as fire. In general, the water in the tanks is used for plant irrigation or cleaning purposes. If these waters are to be used for drinking purposes, they must be filtered using fine-pore filters.

If we want to keep a content cool, not cold, we must keep the water tank indoors. The contents of the water tank in the closed area will be stored at room temperature. In addition, it can be used in underground tanks. In underground tanks, first the insulation of the soil and then the insulation of the raw material. In this way, the content stored in these water tanks can be kept a few degrees cooler.

What are the Features of Water Tanks?

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Guarantee. Also, we can repair usage affiliated damage in your water tanks in our facilities.

Polyethylene Water Tanks

They are the most used water tanks for the purpose of food storage. Many users prefer these tanks because of their suitability for food. There are also polyethylene underground water tank models. Polyethylene tanks are produced in one piece by pouring polyethylene into molds created within the scope of water tank designs. This form of production is called one-piece “Monoblock” production. Other features of polyethylene tanks are as follows;


  • Production can be made in any color.
  • Harmful rays do not enter the tank.
  • It has food suitability at the international level.
  • They are water tanks with the most affordable prices.
  • It has long-lasting and durable.
  • It can be cleaned and maintained very easily.
  • It is produced without attachments or rivets.
  • There is a variety of sizes from 50 liters to 25,000 liters.
  • The operating temperature ratio is between -5 and +50 degrees.
  • It is produced in accordance with environmental and health management systems.

Polyester Water Tanks

Since polyester water tank has high chemical resistance, it has a lot of use in industries. It is produced using polyester resin and glass fiber. If there is to be a high chemical resistance content storage, these tanks are produced using isophthalic and epoxy based vinyl ester resin. Other features of polyester tanks are as follows;

  • It has high chemical resistance.
  • It has the advantage of on-site installation.
  • Large tonnage water tanks can be produced.
  • The volume variety is from 200 liters to 100,000 liters.
  • It can be produced in many colors.
  • Has ultraviolet ray protection.
  • The operating heat rate is from -5 to +60 degrees.
  • Easily shipped.

Stainless Water Tanks

Stainless tanks are in the category of the most robust tanks. It is very difficult for you to pierce stainless steel or cause damage even with an external factor. They are also the water tanks with the highest operating heat rates. It is produced from chrome and nickel blended steel. Other features of the water tank are as follows;


  • It does not corrode or rust.
  • It has an on-site mounting feature.
  • It can be produced in any desired size.
  • Due to the structure of the raw material, it does not take harmful rays into the water tank.
  • The operating heat rate is +80 degrees.
  • There is a staircase support in their design.
  • It has stainless steel legs.
  • There has variety of sizes from 500 liters to 100,000 liters.
  • It is quite easy to clean.
  • It can be produced in any desired color.


Thus, we have discussed with you where you can position your tank to drink cold water in your property. If you want to keep your content cool, you can follow the instructions above. If you want to have one of the water tanks full of advantages, you can call our customer representatives.

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