Which Water Tank Sizes You Should Choose for Rainwater Harvesting?

04 Sep

This Tanks are used everywhere in our daily lives. Rainwater Harvest Tank Models of this most big Reason water Store production Technology development. This Tanks materials Content does not give any harm. Before the production of water tank, this Raw material has been examine by our P&D department. These Raw materials are polyethylene, Polyester and Stainless water tank.

Rain collection system has been increasing importance by worldwide.
These systems are quite simple to installed.  In its simplest form, the rain that falls on the roofs of our houses fills the eaves, from there it is drained to the street with PVC pipes.   When you connect a tank to the pipes that drain the water into the streets, you have been installing a rainwater harvesting system.  The water stored in the systems installed in the houses should be subjected to a fine filter due to drinking purposes.  It is considered more convenient to use polyethylene tanks, which are affordable for household systems. 

When we consider the rainwater harvesting system within the scope of its dimensions, it varies according to the   rainfall rate of this region and the amount of water you need. Since these tanks are also diverse in design, you can choose a Water tank specific to the region where you will position the tank.


 Why Rainwater Harvesting Is Important?

 Scientists say that in the  near future,  many metropolises will face water shortages. It is  assume that on of the metropolis that  will have water problems will be in Istanbul. 

Some cities have postponed the water problem, which  is likely to  be experienced thanks to the  rain storage systems they have installed on a  large scale..  One of these cities is  Sydney.  Based on  this warning of the scientists,  Sydney  has identified the  rainiest areas  of the city and  established  rainwater harvesting stations  in these areas. Rainwater  harvesting stations have an architecture similar to the  inverted umbrella. Inside this structure  , there are  tanks that give water to the city. 
It is already present in a city that has a water problem. Plastic water storage tanks city name is Cape Town.  A city in South Africa.  The importance given to water here  is really huge. For example  ,  even  seeing your neighbor's car  clean is  seen as "wasted water" in   people's  eyes.   Japan is creating  very innovative solutions to conserve  water.   One of the solutions Japan came up  with was  to use water twice. The  water,  which you wash your hands with a simple  technology, accumulates in the  reservoir part of the  toilet.  Then you clean the  toilet  with the accumulated water. This is one of  the  rare places where water  can be used twice.


 What are the Raw Material  features of Water Tanks?

If we examine these tanks  on the basis of raw materials,  we cannot pass  without mentioning the  advantages of polyethylene tanks.   Tanks produced using polyethylene are tanks with the  most affordable price tag.  If you  are looking for an  affordable storage solution,   you can choose from these Water tanks.  In addition,  these tanks are produced in  monoblock form.   If we explain the monoblock production method,  these tanks are produced  in one piece with the help of  molds. Thanks to this, there will be no rivets or additions  in  these Water tanks.  It is  also quite diverse in  terms of design. The  biggest  advantage of these Water tanks is that they are suitable for food storage.  The use of polyethylene as a raw material is suitable for  food. This eligibility is  at the international level. Varieties of products can be store in Karmod special Tank for even pickles.

Tanks produced using  polyester, glass fiber and material obtained from polyester resin   are  combined with  the help of special adhesives. These tanks are the most suitable tanks for  chemical storage.  In fact, these tanks are  produced using isophthalic and epoxy-based vinyl resin  when it comes to strong chemical storage.  Thus, these tanks  become  stronger against chemicals. Large tonnage tanks are produced using this raw material.   Due to the way it is manufactured, there is also an  on-site mounting option. 

Tanks produced  using stainless steel are produced by combining the  material obtained  by mixing chromium and nickel with  argon welding in line  with the Water tank design. 

In addition, stainless water tank models are  in the most sturdy tank  category. The  repair of these tanks is also  carried out using the  raw material from which they are produced.  It   has a  two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.  In addition, all our  storage products can be produced in  any  desired color. In this way, you can more   easily categorize the  different contents you have stored.  So we  discussed  rainwater  harvesting with you and understood  why water is important for its future.  If you want  to buy these tanks  to establish rainwater  harvesting, you can contact  our  customer representatives.

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