Why Choose a One-Piece Water Tank?

04 Sep

In recent years, water tanks have become very popular as they have been used for many purposes. The main reason for this popularity is the attractive prices of the water tanks and the advantages they offer to the user. In addition,, the water tank is used quite a lot in both industrial and individual uses. It is used in individual rainwater collection systems, in pickles, brine processes, in industries for storing and shipping many contents.
What does one-piece water tank mean? One piece is actually a form of production. This form of production is made using polyethylene. Production of polyethylene poured into molds by cooling the mold after the high temperatures. The name of this production method is monoblock production. There are many reasons why you should choose these water tanks. Some of these reasons are as follows; There are no additions and rivets in any form.

•   More robust and longer lasting
•   Suitable for food storage as it is produced from polyethylene
•   Design variety
•   Size variety

What kind of raw material is polyethylene?

While the abbreviated name of polyethylene in the chemical language is LLDPE, the meaning of this name is linear low-density polyethylene. Water tanks produced with this raw material become quite durable the production methods, there is no additional or rivet, it has a monolithic structure. The material thickness increases as the size grows. Polyethylene is a raw material with UV stabilization. Therefore, they do not receive harmful rays in the water tanks produced using this raw material. Thus, a more sterile environment is created in the water tank. Thanks to this property of the raw material, algae formation is not seen in the water tank. Another advantage of the fact that these water tanks are produced monolithically is that it facilitates cleaning. After these tanks are produced, they have a smooth surface. In this way, the residues remaining from the stored contents do not stick to the storage surface. With the help of a brush, the tank can be easily cleaned. The biggest advantage of polyethylene is that it is suitable for food. In fact, this compliance is at the international level. Thanks to this compliance, many products that have food contact are produced using polyethylene. For this reason, food products can be stored automatically in these water tanks.

What are the Differences of Polyethylene Water tanks from Other Water tanks?

All storage products have their own advantages. The superiority of polyethylene tanks is that they are suitable for food storage as well as light compared to other water tanks. It is lightweight as well as durable. The water tanks with the most economical price tag compared to other water tanks are also polyethylene water tanks. When we look at polyester tanks, we see that they are very suitable for chemical storage. Due to this suitability, many brands producing in the industrial field use polyester tanks.
Tanks produced using stainless steel are in the most robust tank category. The biggest reason why it is the most robust water tank is the strength of the steel. This robustness is also reflected in the working heat rate of the tank. The operating heat rate is also +80 degrees. In this way, you can store your hot contents in these water tanks.

Due to the way stainless and polyester tanks are manufactured, there is an on-site mounting option and large tonnages can be produced. However, this is not the case in polyethylene water tank models. In addition, all storage products are guaranteed for two years. This warranty covers manufacturing defects. Your already used and damaged tanks can also be repaired. You can call our customer representatives for information and price quote.

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