Why Should I Use Ecological Giant Planters?

21 Sep





Our company, specializing in producing various models of planters using plastic, polyester, and stainless-steel chrome, has achieved Turkey's largest ecological giant planter production, making a difference in large planter production. Our illuminated planters, designed to collect rainwater for the plants they house, stand out as the perfect solution for areas without direct soil contact. Our ecological giant planters can be used for all types of plants, saplings, and tree species, offering an especially ideal solution for tree plants.

What are the Prominent Features of Ecological Giant Planters?

  1. Giant dimensions with a base diameter of 180 cm and a height of 135 cm.
  2. Aesthetic design tapering upwards.
  3. Versatile structure with a soil volume of 1.8 m3, suitable for a wide variety of trees.
  4. Equipped with a rainwater harvesting system, a 750-liter water storage reservoir for self-sufficiency in watering.
  5. Self-irrigation system capable of fulfilling water needs for 30 to 120 days based on the plant type.
  6. The option is to place drainage valves at 4 different points to prevent excessive water accumulation in regions with heavy rainfall.
  7. Easily portable along with the plant it houses.
  8. Manufactured from top-quality 100% recyclable European-standard materials.

Where are Ecological Giant Planters Used? 

With their easily transportable design, both with trees and without, our ecological giant planter models offer wide-ranging applications.

  • Urban squares with concrete or marble flooring.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Corporate offices.
  • Public spaces such as exhibition or theater halls.
  • Gardens and corridors of social facilities, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Short-term event areas like sports and conference venues.
  • Fairgrounds.
  • Private terraces.
  • Spaces designed for special landscaping and architectural purposes.

These planters provide easy use and aesthetic appeal in numerous areas. To explore our ecological giant planter product in more detail and to fill out a request form, please click here.

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