300 Litre Water Tank

300 L plastic vertical water tank models and water storage details...
  • Weight 11 kg
  • Width / Diameter 54 cm
  • Height 145 cm
  • Thickness 5 mm
  • Outlet Fitting ½ "
  • Cover 32 cm
  • Capacity 300 Liters
  • Operating Temperature -5°C +50°C
General Information

300 Liter Plastic Vertical Water Tank

There are tools that allow liquids or foods to be stored in them as a general purpose of use and to be drained and used at the time of need. These tanks can be used in every area you can think of. It is used in the production lines of big brands or in the storage of raw materials of industries.

300 Liter Plastic Vertical Water Tank Technical Specifications

If you are looking for a suitable choice for individual home use, tanks with a vertical design of 300 liters will be the right choice. With its thin and vertical length structure, you can store in the desired area. Our products are manufactured in accordance with customer requirements. You can also stack it side by side thanks to its upright design.

Our small size tank products are produced in accordance with the installation of different faucet types. through the 1/2 inch sleeve connection slot on these tanks, it is suitable for tap connections in different structures. When purchasing our tank, you can purchase faucets from our sales experts, or you can buy faucets in the structure any places you want such as hardware stores, stores selling home building materials, etc. externally and connect them to our tanks easily.

300 Liter Plastic Vertical Water Tank Raw Material Properties

Polyethylene has international food suitability as a raw material. Thanks to this feature, you can safely store drinkable liquids and foods in these tanks. In addition, this raw material is UV stabilizing. These tanks, which are produced in this way, do not receive UV light inside. As a result, the formation of algae, fungi and other parasites in the tank is prevented. This creates a healthier environment for the stored content. In addition, it does not cause taste and odor changes in stored liquids and foods.

Our products in different capacities and models do not cause odor and algae in the types of liquids stored in them thanks to the use of 1st quality raw materials in European standards. However, for being clean and hygienic, we recommend that the tanks are completely emptied and cleaned inside in the range of 2-3 months. In addition, these tanks do not require special maintenance. It can be easily cleaned with Pressured water.

The production of the products as a single piece, ie monoblock, makes them more resistant to impacts. If we look at the product features; its weight is 11 kilograms, its height is 145 centimeters, the material thickness is 5 millimeters, and the cover is centimeters. In addition, the operating temperature of this tank and all general plastic tanks is the coldest -5 degrees and the hottest +50 degrees.

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