Above-Ground Diesel and Fuel Storage Tank

21 Sep




Above-ground tanks, with a wide range of sizes, find utility across various applications. Just as there are underground models for diesel and fuel storage tanks, there are also above-ground alternatives. Virtually any type of tank can be suitable for above-ground use. However, not every tank is appropriate for storing fuel. Given that fuel is a chemical mixture, tanks designed for fuel storage must be used.

Karmod Plastic manufactures high-quality diesel and fuel storage tanks. These tanks, starting from 400 liters and extending up to 100 tons, come in various sizes. Moreover, Karmod Plastic offers on-site installation with polyester tanks, facilitating access to confined spaces and ensuring the delivery of the desired dimensions. While there are advantages to above-ground fuel tanks as compared to their underground counterparts, there are also disadvantages. One advantage is easier access for intervention since the tank is above ground. However, securing the tank might necessitate enclosing it and applying cautionary labels like "Keep Away from Open Flames". Nevertheless, if a system requiring constant intervention is in place, above-ground fuel tanks can be highly beneficial. Above-ground diesel and fuel storage tanks are manufactured in three categories: plastic diesel tanks, fiberglass diesel tanks, and stainless-steel chrome tanks. Our sales representatives provide the best above-ground diesel and fuel storage tank solutions based on customer needs and the type of fuel or petroleum derivative to be stored.

At Karmod Plastic, we manufacture above-ground diesel storage tanks in various models such as vertical, horizontal, or prismatic, up to a capacity of 100 tons (100,000 liters). Being a leader in the industry, Karmod Plastic continuously offers new solutions for above-ground diesel and fuel storage tanks, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in various locations.

Features of Diesel and Fuel Storage Tank Products

  • Customizable in terms of size, dimensions, and tonnage.
  • Inlet and outlet sleeves can be made to the desired specifications.
  • Inlet and outlet sleeves can be positioned as needed.
  • Assembly or access lids can be positioned according to customer preferences.
  • Additional components such as level and pressure measurement systems can be placed on the tank as per customer requests.

Our diesel and fuel storage tank products can be manufactured with various features according to customer preferences. One of the most suitable tanks for diesel and fuel storage is the vertical polyester water tank. These tanks are highly favored by fuel brands due to their vertical structure. Starting from a capacity of 400 liters, they can grow up to 30 tons. Their vertical structure optimizes space, making them ideal for small areas. Another advantage of polyester tanks is their suitability for on-site installation in spaces where large tanks can't be easily accessed. These tanks are particularly ideal for cramped spaces with limited entry points. Another benefit of having diesel and fuel tanks above ground is the ease of maintenance and cleaning. While underground tanks provide secure storage arrangements, cleaning them might be more challenging compared to above-ground tanks.

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