Calf Rearing Systems and Their Advantages

21 Sep




The main objective of calf rearing programs is to reduce the mortality rate and ensure that the calf is weaned from milk and starts consuming roughage and concentrated feed in the shortest time possible on the farm. However, there is often little emphasis on the possibility that early calf feeding practices can impact the proper nutrition of calves after birth and their milk yield.

Research from the National Animal Health Monitoring System has shown that calves that are weaned from milk early within the first 48 hours of birth have a mortality rate of 7.9%. Disease factors and environmental conditions play a significant role in the healthy rearing of calves. This is where calf hutches come into play as a crucial product.
Healthy rearing of calves ensures higher milk yield and productivity in the future generations. For calves to grow healthily on feedlots, they need to be kept away from adverse conditions. This will result in a healthier environment for the calves and better quality growth.

Among the farm equipment we produce, calf housing, frost-free water troughs, water storage tanks, licking blocks, and feeders are key components. Our products are continuously developed based on customer needs, focusing on superior quality and longevity.

  1. The product images shared in the gallery are visuals of Karmod Calf Hutches installed on a farm in Babaeski, Kırklareli.
  2. The calf hutch provided as a package includes the main body, iron fence, sunshade, 3 feeders with holders, 1 feeding bottle with holder.
  3. Karmod continues to prioritize the quality and reliability of its products, including the calf hutch, throughout the production process.
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