Can a Black Storage Tank Make Your Water Hotter?

22 May

In our daily lives, we come across many old and new objects. When we pay enough attention, it is clear to see that the use of water storage tank models has increased. In this regard, storage products can be manufactured in different designs and sizes to meet various needs. Users choose storage products with suitable designs and sizes according to their requirements and make a purchase.

They are used as rainwater harvesting systems, as well as in production and shipping. Furthermore, when we look at the general purposes of storage products, regardless of whether the content is organic or chemical, they serve as vehicles for storing and protecting the content from harsh environmental and seasonal conditions, allowing for transportation from one place to another and enabling the content to be discharged and used when needed. It is quite normal for them to be used in many fields.

Different colored storage products are also used in many fields. While there are many areas of use in this regard, they are available in above ground and underground models. The use of black tanks is included in the areas where they are used. It is quite difficult to answer the question of whether black tanks keep the water warmer directly based on the color of the tank. The temperature plays a significant role in this regard. However, black color absorbs more sunlight, so a black tank will be warmer compared to a tank of a different color. During winter, your black tank may be slightly warmer than tanks of other colors, but the difference won't be very significant. The factor that affects the temperature of the content the most is the air temperature; the color of your storage tank doesn't play a major role in this regard.

Can Water Tanks be Produced in Any Color?

Among the most frequently asked questions regarding storage products are the options for color selection. Water Storage products, especially polyethylene water tanks, are usually available in blue and white colors but they can be produced in any desired color. The main reason for different color preferences in storage products is to categorize the contents. In industrial applications with a wide range of product variety of tanks are produced in different color options. Manufacturers produce 1 ton water tanks in desired colors to fulfill the customers' requests in the best possible way. This practice does not cause any harm to the tank or the stored contents.

In addition to assisting in categorization processes, production in different colors also provides light insulation. All storage products have UV insulation in their raw materials. Therefore, storage products are insulated against harmful UV rays. In this regard, while white tanks can receive more light, storage products in different colors receive 10% less light. There are also storage products that do not receive any light. These lightproof tanks are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel provides 0% tolerance in terms of light insulation. Therefore, you can store light-sensitive contents in storage products made of stainless steel. If you want to purchase these storage products filled with advantages, you can contact our customer representatives.

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