Caravan Freshwater and Wastewater Tanks

20 Jun

In spaces with limited room, we offer solutions for high-capacity liquid storage needs with our caravan freshwater and caravan wastewater tanks. With our caravan freshwater and wastewater tank solutions, you can easily meet your basic water needs during caravan travels. Our caravan water tanks are produced in different capacities depending on your usage needs, ranging from 50 liters to 500 liters to fit into narrow spaces.

Our specially designed tanks for caravans can be stored underneath the caravan, in the rear wheel area, in the luggage compartment, on top of the caravan, or inside cupboards to provide a water supply solution.

Caravan Kitchen Water Tank

While you're on all your journeys, you might need instant access to water for cooking, drinking, or hand cleaning in your caravans, which you've meticulously designed to create a comfortable environment. To avoid the hassle of searching for water on the road during your travels, you can use our tanks of different sizes to meet your water needs instantly.

Caravan Kitchen and Toilet Waste Water Tank

Our polyethylene tanks, also known as gray water tanks, collect wastewater resulting from kitchen and toilet use while traveling. They prevent this wastewater from being discharged instantly on the roads or in the areas where you camp and allow it to be collected inside the tank. At emptying stations, the wastewater is discharged using hoses or other connection elements. For caravans with suitable assembly or storage areas, separate tanks for caravan toilet wastewater tank and caravan kitchen waste should be used. This ensures that waste collected for two different uses is not stored in a common area but is preserved in separate tanks and emptied in a suitable area.

Advantages of Our Caravan Waste Water Tanks

  • You can choose our ready-made tank sizes or have your caravan water tanks custom-made from polyethylene plates according to your wishes.
  • Inlet and outlet connections for the tanks come as standard, but you can request changes to the connection sockets by specifying the dimensions you desire.
  • Connector sockets called manifolds can be added to the tank anywhere you need.
  • You can install a level measurement system in our tanks.
  • Customization is possible with direct hose nozzles or different outlets.
  • In addition to our standard vertical and prismatic models, tanks of various sizes can be made from polyethylene plates.
  • It's resistant to different chemicals as a toilet or kitchen waste water tank. Caustic and other corrosive liquids should not be poured into it.
  • You can create a baffle curtain inside the tank by placing plates inside.
  • Different models can be manufactured to suit all caravans.

Caravan Drinking Water Tank

Water is a vital liquid for humanity. Since we have immediate water consumption needs during traveling. You can satisfy your drinking water requirements from the caravan clean water tanks where we store water during your journey. You can use it by connecting a faucet if you prefer, or you can place it in a suitable location and meet your instant drinking water needs through the tap on the tank.

How Many Liters of Water Tank Should I Get for My Caravan?

Depending on the usage and storage space in your caravan, you can choose our standard tanks ranging from 50 liters to 500 liters, or you can have tanks in the size you desire custom-made.

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