How to Choose the Right Water Tank?

18 Jul

The key factors that determine the selection of a water tank are its intended use and the location where it will be placed.

Polyethylene tanks are the best choice for drinking water and clean water storage. If you are considering these tanks, it is important to inquire about their compliance with food-grade standards and UV stabilization from the manufacturer.


When it comes to chemical storage, the tank material should be compatible with the specific chemicals being stored.

For substances or liquids with a density greater than 1 g/cm³, it is recommended to choose reinforced tanks that have increased material quantity and wall thickness.

If you need to install large-capacity tanks in narrow spaces, on site assembly tanks are the optimal solution. Fiberglass-reinforced polyester tanks have been widely used for years due to their practicality and ease of use. In this method, the tank components are brought to the installation site in a disassembled state and then assembled on-site. The tank is ready for use the next day.
For narrow spaces with significant height restrictions, pipe-type vertical water tanks are a suitable choice.


Fiberglass-reinforced polyester tanks are the most used for underground rainwater harvesting, wastewater, and septic applications. In underground tank applications, it is important to ensure that the tank cover height is suitable for the intended use and that the tank is adequately reinforced. Proper planning and sizing of the project are crucial in this regard.

In addition to these considerations, the tank interior should be easy to clean, and the tanks themselves should be resistant to corrosion.

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