Polyethylene Dual Color Water Tank

18 Jul

Karmod Plastics, the leading manufacturer, continues to develop its water tank models based on customer expectations and ergonomic usage features...
Introducing our new product: Polyethylene Dual-Color Water Tank.
It features a white (natural) exterior and a blue interior. This design not only reflects a significant portion of sunlight but also prevents the entry of non-reflective sunlight, providing complete protection against algae formation.

One of the special water tank varieties produced by Karmod, considering customer needs, is the Polyethylene Dual-Color Vertical Cylindrical Water Tanks. These tanks are manufactured using modern facilities and rotational technology, ranging in size from 50 liters to 25 tons.


All our polyethylene water tanks are produced using advanced technology and undergo stringent quality control systems, ensuring high impact resistance, pressure resistance, and a smooth surface. Our dual-color vertical cylindrical water tanks, made from UV-stabilized and recyclable environmentally friendly materials, are manufactured using an automated system that ensures precise production within the required cooking time.

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