Portable Water Tanks for Agriculture and Hobby Gardens

31 Jul

In recent years, these tanks have gained popularity due to the various advantages they offer to users and their attractive designs. They are used almost everywhere in our homes and can also serve purposes like storing and transporting raw materials in industries.
Considering their general usage purposes, we can see that these tanks are vehicles that allow the storage, preservation, and discharge of liquids, food items, and chemical substances when needed. Moreover, in terms of water tank prices, they are highly cost-effective, which further adds to their appeal. As a result, these tanks are widely used in agriculture fields and hobby gardens as well.


Uses in Agriculture Fields and Hobby Gardens

When we look at the applications in agriculture fields and hobby gardens, these tanks are used in areas such as spraying and irrigation. Additionally, rainwater collection systems are installed for utilizing rainwater, and these tanks can be used for such processes as well. They are also suitable for drip irrigation systems. To better understand these applications, let's take a closer look at the features and production methods of these tanks. Let's explore all the features of these tanks together, so you can find the most suitable one for your needs.

Features of Water Tanks According to Their Raw Materials:

These products offer various advantages to users, and they are manufactured using three different raw materials: polyester, polyethylene, and stainless steel. It's essential to find the most suitable tank for your needs among these feature-rich options. Let's examine the characteristics of all tanks to help you choose the right one for your purposes.

General Features of Polyethylene Water Tanks

These tanks are made from a raw material commonly known as plastic but referred to as polyethylene in chemical terms. They are manufactured as monoblock, meaning they are produced as a single piece. Therefore, these tanks are more durable and have a longer lifespan. The other features of tanks made from polyethylene are as follows:

•    They can be produced in any color.
•    These tanks have high ultraviolet ray resistance.
•    Our company offers a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
•    They fall into the category of the most budget-friendly tanks.
•    They are manufactured using state-of-the-art production systems, and no recycled materials or chemicals that may harm the tank are used in our facilities.
•    They are long-lasting and durable.
•    Cleaning them is effortless.
•    Being produced as a single piece, they don't have any joints or rivets.
•    They are available in sizes ranging from 50 liters to 25,000 liters in capacity.
•    The operating temperature range is between -5 degrees and +50 degrees Celsius.
•    They are produced in compliance with environmental and health management systems.
•    In case of damages due to usage, repairs can be done at our facilities.
•    The tank lids are made of polyethylene to ensure food compatibility.

General Features of Polyester Water Tanks

Tanks made from polyester raw material offer users numerous advantages. They are widely used for storing chemical substances and mixtures. Moreover, these tanks are also highly noticeable due to their polyester water tank prices. These tanks are essentially created by obtaining polyester pieces from polyester resin and fiberglass and bonding these pieces using special adhesives. Ultimately, these tanks come to life.


• When high chemical resistance is required, these tanks are reinforced using isophthalic and epoxy-based vinyl ester resin.
• On-site assembly is possible, allowing installation in hard-to-reach areas.
• The largest volume tanks can be manufactured.
• The volume range can vary from 200 liters to 100 tons.
• They can be produced in any desired color.
• They can be produced in any desired size.
• They have high ultraviolet ray protection.
• The operating temperature range is between the coldest -5 degrees and the hottest +60 degrees Celsius.
• Your worn-out or damaged tanks can be repaired at our production facilities.

General Features of Stainless Steel Tanks:

Tanks made of stainless steel sheets fall into the category of the most robust tanks. As a raw material, they can withstand any temperature and any chemical substance. They are manufactured using a combination of steel, chrome, and nickel AISI steel. These steels are joined together using argon welding, and they can be produced in cylindrical shapes or various designs.

• These tanks are resistant to rust and corrosion.
• On-site assembly is possible.
• They can be produced in any desired size.
• Custom project options are available.
• Since the material is insulating, it is UV stabilized.
• They are the highest working temperature tanks, capable of operating between -5 degrees and +80 degrees Celsius.
• As the size increases, ladder support is added.
• They typically have stainless steel legs.
• They belong to the most durable tank category.
• There is a size variety ranging from 500 liters to 100 tons.
• Cleaning is effortless.
• They require very little maintenance.
• They can be produced in any desired color palette.

In this article, we have discussed the use of tanks in agriculture fields and hobby gardens. If you would like to obtain information, receive a quote, or ask any questions about these tanks or other products, you can contact our customer representatives.

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