Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Collect your own water with Rain Water Tanks

Climate changes caused by global warming is affecting the world more deeply day by day especially in terms of reaching clean water. Climate scientists agree on the phenomenon of global warming today. It is stressed that 85 percent of the world population is negatively affected by climate changes. One of the most important results of this negative situation is breaking rain balance completely on the world as a result of global warming. While there is extreme rains in some areas, a long-term arid climate zone started to be dominant in some other areas. Water run out together with aridness and it became extremely difficult to reach clean water sources.

As a result of these negativities, decreasing water sources day by day made it obligatory for humanity to develop some measures. For this reason, rainwater tanks brings a solution making water harvesting that becomes important in aridness, easier. With this highly new and practical system, it becomes highly easy to collect water at all hours of the day and night.

rainwater harvesting tank

What is rainwater harvesting, how does water tank operate in the system?

Rainwater harvesting is the name given to the system collecting water during rain with connections attached on the valleys of all types of buildings such as home and school. One of the most important parts of this system is rainwater harvesting tank. Water collected from creeks during raining, water is collected and stored in rainwater harvesting tanks. When water tank is filled, it is ensured that water is discharged from the tank with a pipe facilitating discharge from the tank.

Stored water is used in many different areas such as garden watering and mainly domestic uses. With this innovative harvesting system, rainwaters running and flowing is collected and a free of charge use is provided. It both prevents streets getting dirty when rainwater runs and ensures water saving by reducing clean water consumption from central water mains.

Rainwater Tank Solutions from 5 thousand liters to 100 tons

Karmod is a leader brand in water tank production since 1986 till today. With its modern production technics that it developed and with its expertise in this sector, it provides rainwater tank solutions in capacities from 5 thousand liters to 100 tons. Karmod performs production of rainwater harvesting tanks in two different raw materials groups. It makes standard production in models from 5 thousand liters to 25 thousand liters in polyethylene rainwater storage tanks group.

Another important tank model is polyester water tanks. It makes production in many models from 5 tons to 10 tons in polyester tank group. As all other productions of Karmod, its rainwater harvesting tanks also have superior use in terms long lasting endurance. With its underground tank characteristic, it provides extra easiness for collecting rainwater.

Why Rainwater Tanks?

As we stressed above, we will feel effect of global climate changes more closely in following years. It will be difficult to reach clean water sources and storing water will be much more important. In this point, rainwater tanks will be a very important tool that we will need most in the near future. Rainwater harvesting tanks will provide very big advantages in case of limitations and water outages due to aridness to be realized in the near future.

Thanks to rainwater collection system, we will be able to store our own clean water and access a water source special for us by not being affected from aridness period. While making a price analysis for rainwater collection system, it is required to calculate savings and earnings that it will provide for its long usage period. When practices rainwater tanks are commissioned, it will ensure you have benefit with an important saving from water bills.

Where do and for what purpose rainwater harvesting tanks be used?

Rainwater harvesting tanks have a practical systems that can be used in various areas such as separate houses, mass housing sites, schools and hospitals, hotels and social facilities. We recommend you to obtain information for projects and price of rainwater harvesting system special for your home or business. Rainwater collected in the tank can basically be used in domestic use and for purposes such as watering and car washing. Through water treatment system to be integrated to the collection system, it can also be turned to a form to be used in cooking and drinking. The system can easily be turned into a clean water source.

Which model of water tank should be purchased for rainwater harvesting?

It will be more appropriate toe prefer underground storage tanks for storing water to be collected from rainwater harvesting. It will ease both collecting water and collected water to remain very cool. In uses on the ground, rainwater storage tanks are purchased in black or dark blue color and it will be possible to maintain water healthier without being affected from external factors.

What is the price of rainwater harvesting system?

Big sized rainwater storage tanks can be expensive especially for domestic uses. However, the price of rainwater harvesting system can be turned into more economic form with a tank in a special tonnage. As a result, water collected by the system, is free of charge. This system ensuring a full saving from water bills, should absolutely be taken into account. You can live happiness of using water free of charge without being affected from mains water prices.

How rainwater tank is calculated?

It is calculated that a person consumes 150 liters water in average daily. A family of four need water around 600 liters daily. It makes 220 thousand liters water annually. It is a fact that you will not need water in rainwater harvesting tank every day. It is recommended to purchase a tank by considering 4-6 months a year especially when it is hot and arid. Based on your budget, 10 or 20 ton capacity rainwater harvesting tanks can be preferred. Making a rainwater tank project will make your investment option easier based on capacity for businesses such as hotels and social facilities.

Is it health to drink rainwater?

As we stressed above, rainwater tank system should be assessed as a whole. The tank is an important part of this system. When a water treatment system is connected to the system, collected water becomes safe potable water. Drinking collected rainwater from its source without filtering, is not recommended due to pollutants in the air and pollutions in its collection conditions. Except this, direct use will not cause a problem for uses such as cleaning and watering.

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