Septic Tanks

18 Jul

Karmod Plastik specializes in manufacturing the most durable septic tank products in the industry, including septic tanks, polyethylene septic tanks, and polyester septic tanks. We are committed to providing excellent service with our resilient, long-lasting, and user-friendly septic tank products.

Septic tanks, also known as septic systems, play a crucial role in storing and processing waste when a structure is located far from the sewage center, lacks a sewage system, or constructing one is not feasible. These tanks are designed to safely contain and treat waste, preventing its contamination and ensuring proper disposal. Septic tanks effectively separate solid particles, allowing them to settle at the bottom, while the liquid waste is held and decomposed. At Karmod Plastik, our septic tanks stand out from the rest by incorporating an additional system that enables the treatment of effluent water.


Our septic tanks are designed for easy installation and use. They offer a cost-effective solution compared to other alternatives. The price of septic tanks varies based on their dimensions, tonnage, shipping location, and installation requirements. At Karmod Plastik, we provide competitive and advantageous pricing for septic tanks. Our product range includes polyester septic tanks ranging from 5 tons to 100 tons. These tanks are built to withstand underground conditions, ensuring durability and longevity. In addition to our underground septic tanks, we also offer above-ground options to meet diverse customer needs. Our septic tanks are not only long-lasting and resilient but also provide an affordable solution for wastewater disposal and storage.

Key Features of Our Septic Tanks:

•    Our septic tanks are manufactured using fiberglass-reinforced polyester material.
•    They are commonly referred to as polyester septic tanks, fiberglass septic tanks, and fiber septic tanks.
•    We also specialize in producing specially reinforced septic tanks using polyethylene raw material, including our exclusive 5-ton underground polyethylene septic tank.
•    Our septic tanks excel in the industry, offering exceptional resistance to underground conditions and long-term performance.
•    They are designed to withstand potential corrosion that may occur underground.
•    With years of experience, we have shaped our septic tanks to ensure easy installation and user-friendly operation.
•    We provide a wide range of sizes and capacities, offering both vertical and horizontal septic tanks to meet various requirements.

At Karmod Plastik, we take pride in manufacturing top-quality septic tanks. With our extensive experience in the field, we offer efficient solutions and competitive septic tank prices. Contact our sales representatives to discover how our septic tanks can meet your specific needs.

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