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Septic tanks are structures used for waste water disposal in places where there is no sewage system and where it is not possible to build. Septic tanks, also called septic tanks, are a sealed pre-treatment chamber that receives domestic wastewater from individual or group houses; Separation of collapsible or floatable solids and liquids from wastewater is designed to allow the organic matter to settle and decompose before the liquid part exits the pool. Treatment of effluent waters should be completed with an additional system.

Rain water is never given to the septic tank. The main principle in the processing of septic tanks is to hold and rot the solid materials, to remove them from the outlet in the liquid parts in a way that will not harm them.

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Human feces and urine, which are among the liquid wastes, cause the formation of many diseases, especially infectious diseases. In the structure of the feces, 25% consists of microorganisms. Uncontrolled destruction of septic waste containing viruses, bacteria and parasites leads to environmental pollution and poses significant health risks. Therefore, legislation has been passed in many countries around the world that completes the necessary procedures to minimize the potential for disease transmission, formation of carriers and odor spread.

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