Stainless Water Tank Production for Hotels

14 Jun

Karmod Stainless Tank has been manufacturing stainless steel water tanks since 1986, leveraging the knowledge and experience acquired over the years. Our stainless tanks are not only utilized by industrial facilities but have also become the preferred choice for various accommodations such as motels, hotels, and lodges for drinking water and general water storage. The continuously growing tourism sector attracts a significant population to regions housing these hotels. With the dense population and constant circulation in hotels, the need for water tanks has grown substantially, especially to address water interruptions or emergency situations during the use of municipal water supply. Stainless water tanks offer certain advantages compared to storage tanks made from other materials. Particularly, the use of stainless chrome plates in the manufacturing process allows for hygienic and safe storage, making these tanks suitable for drinking water or general water storage. The stainless steel's surface, which is free from bacteria and microorganisms, along with its non-corrosive structure, ensures the water stored within is always protected.

Stainless Water Tanks for Hotels

Karmod Stainless Tanks are among the highest quality products available for healthy water storage in hotels. Our company embraces a hassle-free service approach from production to installation, always prioritizing human health as its corporate philosophy. Our tanks are manufactured using AISI 304 L or optionally AISI 316 L quality stainless steel plates. The tanks are assembled through argon welding, which prevents corrosion and oxidation issues in the stainless tank body or welds. Our tanks are particularly preferred in regions with high tourist traffic, where we produce stainless water tanks for hotels.

Our stainless water tank models, tailored to the needs of hotels, can be used in various areas to meet different liquid storage requirements. Our tanks are chosen by hotels for various applications including drinking water storage, general water storage, pool water tanks, sedimentation tanks, hot water tanks, cooling tanks, waste tanks, septic tanks, detergent tanks, liquid food tanks, greywater tanks, and sewage tanks. When stainless liquid storage tanks are mentioned in Turkey, "Karmod Composite" is the sole company that comes to mind.

Features of Stainless Tanks Produced for Hotels

The most reliable and health-conscious models for water storage are stainless steel water tanks. Stainless tanks, which do not produce odors, do not accumulate dirt, and ensure the water remains at its highest quality, are thus commonly preferred. The primary features of our stainless tank products, manufactured for hotels, are as follows:

  • Our production is carried out using food-grade AISI 304 L and AISI 316 L quality stainless chrome plates.
  • Our stainless liquid tanks are highly resistant to corrosion and rust in the environment they are placed.
  • Absolutely no leakage occurs from the welding and joining points.
  • They prevent the formation of algae in the liquid they contain.
  • The interior and exterior surfaces of stainless water tanks have a smooth texture, making them resistant to dirt build-up.
  • Production can be tailored to tonnages ranging from 500 liters to 100,000 liters, depending on the need.
  • Different inlet and outlet connections, such as connections to hydrophore, drainage, and level indicators, can be added to the tanks.
  • There are access hatches of suitable size for cleaning, maintenance, and repair work inside the tank.
  • The tanks are suitable for interconnection. Multiple tanks can be seamlessly connected and used together. For example, if two 100-ton rectangular stainless water tanks are purchased and connected in series, they can be used as a 200-ton capacity tank.
  • Tanks can be produced in vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, and four-cornered prismatic shapes.
  • On-site assembly service involves transporting and assembling the tank sections in narrow spaces to form the complete tank.
  • When needed, a motorized stirring device can be added to keep the liquid inside continuously mixed.

Stainless chrome tanks are an excellent solution for ensuring a continuous supply of clean water or utility water, particularly during the hot summer months and holiday seasons when there is high water consumption. You can purchase stainless steel water tanks of any size and capacity to meet your needs, all under the assurance of our company, at the most competitive prices.

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