Underground StorageTanks

Underground water tanks are definitely the right choice in terms of space saving, and it is not possible to hear the sounds of booster and pump. Without isolation of tanks in open area; The water tanks used in the cold area are likely to be destroyed and explode.

We have 100 tons of horizontal polyester fiberglass tank production suitable for underground. Our high-strength underground water tanks are among the most demanded products in our country.

Fiberglass polyester tanks, which can be used safely and without any problems in underground conditions for many years, are superior to their counterparts with our production quality and special solutions requiring experience. Our warehouses, which are produced with special strength considering the physical conditions of the underground, have a special cover and transfer system.

It can also be produced with the feature of easy transportation and demounted installation according to the project location. With Karmod quality assurance, you can use it in underground water storage, rainwater storage, all kinds of treatment and industrial waste storage for many years without any problems.

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