Using Stainless Steel Water Tanks for Healthy Drinking Water Usage

18 Jul

Due to the increasing demand for water, the need for water storage and the ability to use it in the future has become essential. Water tanks or water storage tanks are necessary for various purposes, whether it's for general water usage or specifically for storing and utilizing healthy drinking water. Stainless steel water tanks, made from chromium-nickel alloy AISI 304 L and AISI 316 L stainless steel sheets, are ideal for a wide range of applications, including drinking water storage, food preservation, liquid food storage, and chemical storage in different industries. With their hygienic and safe structure, stainless steel water tanks are the preferred choice for storing and using drinking water and other liquids.


Karmod manufactures vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, and prismatic rectangular stainless-steel tanks with capacities ranging from 500 liters to 100,000 liters to cater to various storage needs. Our tanks can be customized with additional features and specifications based on your storage requirements. For large-scale facilities requiring drinking water storage, multiple tanks can be connected in series to achieve the desired tonnage. Installing stainless steel drinking water tanks in densely populated areas such as residential complexes, apartments, housing estates, schools, and military facilities may pose space constraints. In such cases, our on-site assembly service, "Karmod Stainless," provides a practical solution by installing tanks in compact areas such as shelters or utility rooms with limited access.

Maintaining Stainless Steel Drinking Water Tanks

When purchasing a tank, it is important to ensure that the manufacturing process is complete and that the tank has undergone proper testing to ensure its quality and integrity. After installation, the tank's connections, inlet and outlet valves, and cover should be thoroughly inspected. Any minor issues should be addressed promptly to ensure the tank's stability and prevent the entry of contaminants, dirt, mud, or other external substances. For the safe use of stainless-steel water tanks for drinking water, the tank's interior should be cleaned with pressurized water and, if necessary, professional disinfection services should be sought. Once these procedures are completed, the tank can be filled with water according to its specified capacity. It is important not to shake or move the tank once it is filled. If relocation is necessary, the tank should be emptied completely and securely fastened before transportation. Stainless steel water tanks are available in both flat-bottom and elevated models. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the tank is placed on a level surface, and if used on inclined or uneven terrain, a concrete base should be constructed for stability. Before completing the tank's installation and filling it with water, it is essential to verify that the tank is properly aligned and firmly grounded to prevent any potential accidents, explosions, or damage.


Affordable Stainless Steel Water Tanks

We provide services through our factory sales offices located in Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, and Antalya. You can also visit our websites to explore our products online, fill out the contact forms for inquiries, and obtain detailed information about our tanks. This allows you to quickly gather information about affordable stainless steel water tanks and easily place your orders. Based on your tank specifications, our production process typically takes a few days to complete in our factory environment, and the tanks are then safely delivered to your desired location. For more detailed information on affordable water tanks and to get in touch with us quickly, you can send your "name, address, phone number, and product description" to or access the contact page to find detailed information about our sales offices.

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