What should be considered when selecting a water tank?

08 Aug

Water is a fundamental necessity for humanity, and the continuity of life relies on the continuity of water. Even momentary water interruptions can cause problems in our homes or workplaces. When faced with this situation, we immediately seek a solution to meet our water needs. As Karmod Plastic, we have been providing services in the production of water and liquid storage tanks since 1986. As Turkey's leading brand, we manufacture polyethylene, polyester, and stainless-steel tanks, which allow for the storage of various liquids with different raw materials and materials.

In recent years, in times of drought problems and water interruptions in cities, water tanks have become life-saving solutions. However, it is essential to be careful and well-informed while researching and purchasing a water tank. Making the wrong choice can lead to serious problems for consumers. There are various alternatives for water tanks, commonly used in homes and workplaces, and different companies have various production methods. If you plan to purchase a water tank, you should thoroughly examine the products of manufacturers and gather information about the water tank.


Pay attention to the raw material when buying a tank Especially in the preference of polyethylene water tanks, the raw material from which the tank is produced is crucial. As Karmod Plastic, we produce our tanks using 1st grade LLDPE polyethylene raw material, which we specially import from Europe, and which complies with world standards and is certified. The raw material we use is suitable for food use and has obtained the necessary certifications. However, some manufacturers in our industry claim to produce polyethylene water tanks using raw materials suitable for food use. Therefore, before purchasing the product, if you intend to store food liquids, you should inquire about the details of polyethylene raw material and request the necessary certificates when deemed necessary.

Polyester and stainless-steel tanks are preferred for water storage. Polyester water tanks are manufactured using fiberglass material and are not suitable for storing drinking water. Due to the availability of large tonnage tanks, up to 100 tons, they are frequently preferred for storing general-purpose water. On the other hand, stainless steel tanks are manufactured using stainless chrome sheet and are suitable for storing drinking water due to their stainless body and inner structure. Since stainless steel tanks are more expensive than polyethylene tanks, we recommend choosing the economical option of polyethylene water tanks for individual preferences. For areas such as factories, shopping malls, industrial areas, construction sites, and places with high population density, stainless steel water tanks should be preferred. If you are an individual user, purchasing a polyethylene water tank for your home will be the most suitable option for you.


Consider the color when buying a polyethylene water tank. If you are going to buy a polyethylene water tank for water storage, the placement of the tank is essential. Thanks to the polyethylene material, our tanks are UV stabilized. However, if the tanks are to be placed in open areas directly exposed to sunlight, we recommend our blue-colored tanks. Due to their structure, blue tanks reflect sunlight better and provide better protection for the liquid inside the tank.

Calculate the dimensions of the tank well. When purchasing a tank of any capacity, it is crucial to pay attention to the external dimensions. Generally, our customers pay attention to the capacity of the tank to store liquids. As Karmod Plastic, we manufacture tanks in various sizes, capacities, and dimensions. We offer more than 100 models in vertical, horizontal, and prismatic shapes to provide solutions according to your space. Therefore, you should be aware of the dimensions of the area where you will place the tank and inquire in detail about the dimensions of the tank you will purchase during the buying process.

Different solutions for liquids other than water A standard polyethylene water tank will meet your water storage and usage needs. In some cases, you may need higher capacity polyester and stainless-steel tanks to find a solution. Different situations may arise where you need to store various liquids other than water. In such cases, additional reinforcement should be done for polyethylene tanks, and special material selection should be made for polyester and stainless-steel tanks. If you are going to buy a tank for storing different liquids, you must seek detailed support from our expert team before making the purchase. Tanks purchased without proper research can cause problems such as cracking, tearing, and explosion, leading to irreversible problems both financially and causing human injuries.

Tank selection for narrow areas of entry Polyethylene tanks is in a one-piece monoblock structure. They do not have any joints or patches. If you are going to buy a polyethylene tank for a narrow entry area, you must choose a tank that can fit through the entrance dimensions. Otherwise, under no circumstances will you be able to move and install the tank in the desired area. If your entry area is narrow and your installation area is wide, you can find solutions to your liquid storage needs with on-site installation tanks. With our polyester models, you can purchase on-site installation tank service where all parts of the tanks are produced in our factory. Special parts produced for the entrance area are transported from our factory to the installation site. In our polyester tanks, the transported parts are ready at the installation site by our special teams using fiberglass material and various adhesive materials. In our stainless-steel tanks, the liquid tank is combined using argon welding on-site. There is no difference between the tank produced in the factory environment and the one installed on-site. Final assembly processes are carried out in our factory, and the same processes are carried out within the areas where you want the tank to be installed. With our on-site installation tank service, we offer simple and practical solutions.

Difference between underground and above-ground tanks the tanks we manufacture are suitable for both underground and above-ground use. We have production for both areas. If you are going to place a liquid tank underground, this tank must be suitable for the strength, abrasion, and pressure of the underground area. If you place a standard tank underground and cover it, the tank will explode, or it will become unusable due to deep tears. All standard tanks are manufactured exclusively for above-ground use. For underground use, we produce 2-ton polyethylene underground tanks and 5-ton polyethylene underground tanks with polyethylene raw material. These tanks are manufactured exclusively for underground conditions. Similarly, you can have your polyester underground tanks custom-made according to your needs.

With Karmod Plastic, you can have high-quality water tanks that you can safely use for many years, continuously preserving the quality of water or liquid. You can contact our expert team and get detailed information about all the questions in your mind using our contact page 24/7.

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