What should we consider when buying a stainless steel water tank

18 Jul

With a legacy dating back to 1986, we are proud to be Turkey's leading brand in stainless steel tank manufacturing, renowned for our commitment to quality, expertise, and experienced personnel. Our tanks are crafted using top-grade AISI 304 L stainless steel, and we also offer the option of AISI 316 L stainless steel for enhanced durability. Our extensive range comprises over 60 different models, including vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, and prismatic rectangular designs. These versatile tanks can be customized to suit various industries, providing an array of options for tailored solutions. From residential buildings and apartments to factories, industrial facilities, shopping malls, schools, nurseries, and universities, our stainless-steel water tank models cater to diverse application areas.


Understanding Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Stainless steel water tanks serve as reliable reservoirs, ensuring safe storage and easy access to water or other liquids when needed. Designed to meet different requirements, these tanks are available in a variety of models and capacities. Moreover, our expertise lies in providing customized solutions, allowing us to modify tanks to meet specific customer demands. Our stainless-steel water tanks not only fulfill the water supply needs of residential properties but also serve as ideal solutions for large-scale industrial facilities. These tanks offer instant and uninterrupted access to water, catering to the diverse storage needs of our clients. In the industry, stainless steel water tanks are commonly referred to as chrome water tanks or steel water tanks. While different names may lead to confusion, it is important to note that these tanks are constructed using chrome-nickel alloy stainless steel sheets, ensuring their superior quality and performance.
Stainless steel water tanks are particularly ideal for storing clean drinking water. However, they can also be used for general water storage or storing different types of liquids. When purchasing a stainless-steel tank, attention should be given to the following points:

•    Determine the type of liquid that will be stored in the tank. Different liquids have varying corrosive and reaction properties.
•    Tanks for clean drinking water, general water usage, fruit juice storage, diesel fuel storage, chemical acid storage, septic tanks, greywater tanks, fuel tanks, and other liquid storage needs should be manufactured with appropriate material selection and, if necessary, special reinforcements.
•    For chemical storage processes, it is important to know the specific type of chemical that will be stored in the tank. Some chemicals cannot be stored in stainless steel tanks, so it is essential to check during the tank acquisition process.
•    For limited space areas, on-site installation of stainless-steel tanks should be preferred.
•    The tonnage of the stored liquid should be known, and the stainless-steel tanks to be purchased should have suitable capacities.
•    Tanks should be easily transportable for ease of use and should allow for easy on-site connections.
•    Tanks should have adequately sized access openings for cleaning, maintenance, and repair purposes.
•    The surface of the stainless-steel tank should be smooth and free from roughness. There should be no areas on the tank that could cause harm to the human body, such as burrs, cracks, or broken areas.
•    The tanks should come with quality certifications, and if possible, it is recommended to visit the production facility.
Before purchasing a stainless-steel tank that meets your needs, it is important to pay attention to the details mentioned above.
when purchasing a stainless steel tank, it is important to analyze the intended usage, such as residential or large-scale water storage, and determine the specific purposes in advance. Understanding your usage requirements will help determine the desired water capacity and corresponding tonnage needed for the storage tanks. At Karmod, we manufacture stainless steel tanks in various models, ranging from 500 liters to 100,000 liters in capacity. For storage needs exceeding 100 tons, multiple tanks can be placed side by side and connected in series, allowing for easy achievement and utilization of the desired tonnage. For instance, connecting five 100-ton stainless steel prismatic tanks in series enables the storage and simultaneous use of the same type of liquid in a tank with a total capacity of 500 tons.


To determine the most suitable capacity and specifications for a stainless-steel tank that meets your requirements, conducting detailed research within the application areas is essential. At Karmod, our experienced sales consultants are here to guide you and address any concerns you may have. By contacting our company and providing information about your specific needs, industry, and the type of liquid you intend to store, we can recommend the highest quality tank for you. Upon placing an order, we ensure prompt production and delivery. To quickly get in touch with us, you can call our company at 444 55 60 or use the contact information on our website's contact page for rapid communication.

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