5 Common Types of Water Tanks and What You Need to Know About Their Uses

30 Oct


In today's world, a variety of storage products are used in different fields, and the need for water tank models has diversified and increased with advancing technology. There are many different storage products available, each designed to meet different needs. Each storage product has its own advantages and common features.

As an example of common features of storage products, consider that polyethylene, as a raw material, is suitable for food contact, and consequently, all tanks produced with polyethylene are food safe. Additionally, polyester, as a raw material, offers chemical resistance. Tanks produced with stainless steel can be used in almost every field. These mentioned features represent the advantages of storage products over each other.

When we look at the general purposes and common features of storage products, regardless of whether they store solids, liquids, organics, or chemicals, they all serve the purpose of protecting any content from adverse external conditions and harsh weather conditions, and they facilitate the transport of stored content from one place to another when needed, thanks to the discharge valve on the tank.

Depending on their areas of use and the advantages they provide, the sales rates of storage products vary. Therefore, we have listed the advantages provided by the products with the highest sales rates for you.

  1. Underground Water Tank

    We may not see underground tanks in our daily lives because only the lid and neck section of these tanks is visible from the outside. The rest of the tank is buried in the ground. The burial process is highly sensitive and, therefore, these tanks are produced with great care. This way, parasites from the soil cannot harm the tank. Additionally, valuable contents are stored in these tanks because theft or theft is quite difficult. These tanks provide confidence to their users in terms of security and are among the storage products with high sales rates. They are made from polyethylene and polyester raw materials. You can purchase them in the sizes you desire.

  2. Pickle Tank

    Storage products used for making pickles are made from polyethylene raw material. As the name suggests, they are generally used for pickling purposes and are designed specifically for this purpose. However, they are not limited to pickles and can also be used for processes involving grape leaves and olive brine. Thanks to their food suitability, they can be used with peace of mind.

  3. Silo Tank

    Silo storage products are also used for food storage purposes, specifically for storing grains. They come in designs with or without lids, depending on their use. Since they are made from polyethylene, they are food safe. They are used not only for storing food and organic materials but also for storing chemical cleaners like detergents. Another feature of these tanks is their conical structure, which allows for complete content discharge. They are also highly hygienic, thanks to their design with legs. You can start using them by choosing the suitable size from a wide variety available.

  4. Horizontal Water Tank

    Although it's listed as the fourth, horizontal storage tanks are widely used. Storage products with a horizontal design can be manufactured with polyethylene, stainless steel, and polyester water tank materials. While each raw material adds different features and advantages, storage products with a horizontal design are commonly used in mobile vehicles. This is because products with a horizontal design have the least volume. It's possible to see them in vehicles such as caravans, yachts, and trucks. In addition to these vehicles, they are also used extensively in industries where large volumes up to 100 tons are required. They are not only used in production lines but also widely employed for transporting stored contents.

  5. Vertical Water Tank

    Following horizontal tanks, storage products with a vertical design have the highest sales rates. Just like tanks with a horizontal design, they can be manufactured with polyethylene, polyester, and stainless-steel raw materials. Due to their design, they are commonly used in industries and rainwater collection systems. Especially those famous tanks we often see on rooftops in American movies are all storage products with a vertical design. While they are typically used for water storage, they can also store any content, whether organic or chemical.

In this article, we have discussed storage products in terms of their designs and raw materials. We have evaluated the unique technical and physical characteristics of storage products with high sales rates. If you wish to acquire any of these storage products or obtain detailed information about them, you can contact our customer representatives. Additionally, you can explore all models of storage products on our website.

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