Color Variations and Features in Polyethylene Water Tanks

07 Sep


Tanks are becoming more popular day by day in our country and abroad. This is because these tanks offer many advantages to users, along with their affordable prices. Tanks are produced with three different materials: polyethylene, polyester, and stainless steel. These materials are suitable for tank production and do not affect the stored content.
Used in almost every aspect of our lives, these tanks are employed in industries for raw material production and transportation. Especially in our homes, polyethylene water tank models are widely used. This is due to the fact that these tanks are not only sufficient for household use, but they also come with the most economical price tag. They can range from a capacity of 50 liters to as much as 25,000 liters.

These tanks can be produced in any color our customer’s desire. The color of these tanks is significant for various reasons. The most crucial criterion among them is that brands producing multiple contents categorize and store these contents in tanks of different colors. Without colored tanks, different contents could be categorized based on labels attached to the tanks. However, due to the high margin for error in categorization through labeling, many brands prefer tanks in different colors.

Other Features of Polyethylene Water Tanks

Polyethylene tanks are manufactured using linear low-density polyethylene. These tanks are generally used for food storage. This is because polyethylene is internationally recognized as suitable for food. Hence, many products that encounters with food are made from polyethylene, as the raw material.

The other features of polyethylene tanks are as follows:

  • UV resistance
  • Suitability for food contact
  • Can be produced in any desired color
  • Size variety ranging from 50 liters to 25,000 liters
  • Manufactured in one piece without seams or rivets
  • Affordable price
  • Use of high-quality raw materials in production
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Operating temperature range from -5 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius
  • Tank covers made from polyethylene
  • Produced in compliance with environmental and health management systems
  • Covered by a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Repairs for your tanks can be carried out in our production facilities


General Features of Polyester Water Tanks

Polyester tanks are considered highly suitable for chemical storage. This is because in cases requiring high chemical resistance, extra isophthalic and epoxy-based vinyl ester resin is used during production. Normally, polyester water tanks are produced by combining the main material obtained from polyester resin and fiberglass using special adhesives. This production method adds on-site installation advantage to these tanks.

Features of High Chemical Resistance:

  • High chemical resistance is present.
  • Advantage of on-site installation is available.
  • Large tonnage tanks can be produced.
  • Volume range varies between 200 liters and 100,000 liters.
  • Production can be done in any color.
  • High UV ray protection is provided.
  • Operating temperature ranges from -5 degrees to +60 degrees Celsius.
  • Your worn-out or damaged tanks due to use can be repaired in our production facilities.
  • Covered by a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

General Features of Stainless-Steel Water Tanks:

These tanks belong to the most durable tank category. The main reason for this is that they do not crack or puncture even when subjected to external impacts. Due to steel insulation, they possess natural UV resistance. These tanks are produced using 304 stainless steels with a mixture of chrome and nickel.

  • Stainless and corrosion resistant.
  • Advantage of on-site installation is available.
  • Production can be done in large tonnages.
  • Steel insulation provides UV stabilization.
  • Operating temperature ranges from -5 degrees to +80 degrees Celsius.
  • Covered by a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Comes with ladder support.
  • Has legs made from the same raw material.
  • Belong to the most durable tank category.
  • Size variety ranges from 500 liters to 100,000 liters.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Production can be provided in any color palette.
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