How to Maintain a Subsoil Water Tank?

22 May

How to maintain a subsoil water tank?

Underground water tanks are often used as fuel and diesel tanks, but they can respond to many needs. Some users also use underground water tanks to protect liquids from the heat above ground. In addition, since concrete is poured during the installation of the underground tank, no mold or bacteria encounters the tank from the soil. Polyethylene underground tanks are also suitable for food storage. It is also widely used, especially as a brine tank.

First, we should look at it as a suitable warehouse for the liquid to be stored. Some chemicals, substances and chemical mixtures release pressure. So, make sure that the liquid you will store is a liquid suitable for storage in an underground water tank.

The next step is to clean your underground water tank periodically. You should remember that the biggest favor you will do to your tank is to clean it. When cleaning, you need to choose cleaners that will not damage the liquid you store. When cleaning, it is important that you rub every part of the tank.

How Should Underground Tanks Be Buried Underground?

Underground tanks are manufactured from polyethylene and polyester materials. Before starting the installation of underground tanks, the installation manual should be examined. If we talk about the points to be examined in the project, the place where the tank will be buried, the compatibility of the ground and soil structure, the maximum groundwater level that may occur, the drainage ability of the soil and finally the maximum weights that will occur on the tank should be analyzed.

During all these processes, the tank should be filled with water simultaneously. As the last operation, the tank is filled with sand up to the cover. The filled fine sand is leveled. In addition to this, Karmod Plastic increases the warehouse volume by connecting several warehouses in parallel or in series with the help of pipes. In such a multiple warehouse scenario, there should be a gap of 50 cm between each of the two warehouses. After all these processes, only the cover of the warehouse is visible from the outside. In such a situation, it is recommended to secure the tank by surrounding it with a fence etc.

Another underground water tank is made of polyester. Polyester underground tanks are available in original color and white color options. It can grow from 400 liters capacity to 100 tons capacity. It is produced according to every need. There are also on-site assembly options in the above-ground models of polyester tanks.

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