Is Color Important in Polyethylene Water Tanks?

08 Sep


Tanks serve as devices ensuring the safeguarding of contents against external environmental conditions post storage, enabling transportation when necessary, and permitting the discharge and utilization of contents. Upon considering this definition, it becomes evident that tanks find applications in diverse sectors and for manifold purposes. Particularly, polyethylene water tank models hold a prominent position among the bestsellers. This is primarily due to these tanks being comparatively lightweight, swiftly producible, and notably, being priced most affordably.

General Features of Water Tanks

There exist several pivotal aspects to acquaint oneself with concerning the production of tanks. Among these, one of the utmost significances is the universal provision of a two-year warranty against potential manufacturing defects for all tanks. Further, all tanks are manufactured within our production facilities utilizing the latest technological systems and top-quality raw materials.

Furthermore, all tanks are engineered to exhibit heightened resistance against ultraviolet rays. This preventive measure bars detrimental rays from infiltrating the tanks, thereby effectively impeding the propagation of parasites and algae that thrive on these rays. Thanks to tailored project alternatives, it's also possible to tailor solutions catering to specific storage requisites. The operational temperature parameters of the tanks facilitate the storage of even heated contents. This, in turn, translates to cost savings by mitigating the necessity for cooling processes for produced and stored foodstuffs or chemicals. The operational temperature spectrum of these tanks’ ranges from a minimum of -5 degrees to a maximum of +80 degrees Celsius.

Another salient characteristic is that damages incurred in your tank through usage, such as perforations, cracks stemming from falls, can be rectified at our production facilities post-purchase. Maintenance and cleaning procedures are relatively straightforward. Consequently, regular cleaning of your tank is feasible, effectively eradicating unpleasant odors and residual matter from stored contents.

Can Polyethylene Water Tanks be Manufactured in Desired Color?

It's paramount to note that all tanks can be produced in a myriad of colors as per the inclinations of our esteemed clientele. This attribute extends beyond solely polyethylene tanks, encompassing polyester water tank models and stainless-steel tanks as well. Consequently, the necessity to select a color contingent upon the material is rendered redundant. These tanks are already offered in their innate material color or with alternatives such as blue and white. The rationale behind opting for tanks in assorted colors could be attributed to the following rationales.

1) Categorizing Stored Contents.

One primary reason for producing a storage tank in a different color is to categorize various stored contents. This request is commonly made by brands that produce multiple types or models of contents.

Brands that manufacture a variety of products often find that using tanks in different colors is the most effective way to categorize their produced items. Without this, contents would need to be categorized with labels, and if these labels are small, there's a higher chance of mixing up the contents. This is especially critical in the chemical industry where the traffic of chemical mixtures is high. Given the increased risk, categorizing stored contents holds immense importance in preventing workplace accidents.

2) Enhancing UV Resistance.

All raw materials currently used are insulating and UV stabilized. As a result, these tanks also possess UV stabilization. Producing tanks in colors other than their original ones enhances the UV insulation of the tanks.

3) Brand Consistency.

Many brands prefer to use materials that align with their colors and logos. This practice also holds significant psychological value in terms of employees and customers embracing the brand. Consequently, many brands request the production of tanks that match their brand colors.

4) Advantages of Water Tanks.

Tanks offer distinct advantages owing to their materials and designs. An example of these advantages can be observed in horizontally designed tanks. Due to their design, horizontal tanks are predominantly utilized in mobile vehicles. These vehicles encompass caravans, trucks, and yachts. This is because they occupy less space and offer efficient utilization.

From a material-specific perspective, considering the international recognition of polyethylene's suitability for food, it's employed in numerous products that encounters with food. Like those products, polyethylene tanks are also ideal for storing food. Additionally, the lids of these tanks are also made from polyethylene.

The most significant advantage of polyester and stainless-steel tanks is their suitability for on-site assembly. While polyethylene tanks are produced as monobloc units, the other tanks are constructed by assembling parts obtained from their respective materials.

You too can request your tank to be produced in your brand's color or any other color of your preference. To find answers to your queries about our other storage products, you can discuss with our customer representatives.

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