Stainless Steel Water Tanks Perfectly Designed for Vineyards, Farms, and Communities

31 Oct


In our daily lives, we encounter various storage products because storage and production items have become essential in almost every field. Stainless steel water tank models, primarily known for their durability, have started to make a name for themselves in various industries, particularly in the manufacturing sector. In Turkey, they are also widely used as rainwater collection systems in rural areas where water supply is challenging. Moreover, their usage in mobile vehicles cannot be ignored.
Tanks made from stainless steel are considered exceptionally robust by the public. These tanks are highly resilient, even in the face of impacts. Additionally, due to their raw material structure, they are highly insulating and do not allow light to penetrate.

People engaged in agriculture and livestock often need to operate in remote areas, where obtaining water can be a significant expense. In such cases, these individuals can reduce their water costs by installing rainwater collection systems or utilizing spring water from remote locations through these tanks. The general features of these tanks, which are used in various fields, are of interest. Therefore, we conducted research to outline the general characteristics of these tanks.

General Features of Stainless-Steel Tanks Used on Farms

These tanks made from stainless steel are equipped with on-site assembly features. You can place orders for storage products in the desired sizes, up to 100 tons. There's no need to compromise on your requirements. The production involves joining high-quality steel obtained from chrome and nickel through argon welding.

These stainless-steel storage products can store both organic and inorganic chemical contents. In fact, these tanks are used for storing microbial contents and medicines. Due to their robust structure, these tanks are highly popular for emergency situations and natural disasters and suffer minimal damage.

Variety in Storage Products: Polyester and Polyethylene Tanks

Apart from stainless steel, storage products are also manufactured using polyester and polyethylene materials. The production of water tanks utilizes three different raw materials. Firstly, tanks made from polyethylene are the most budget-friendly among storage products. They are produced using a Monoblock production method, allowing for efficient, large-scale production.

Thanks to this production method, their prices remain economically competitive. For those interested in trying out storage products, tanks made from polyethylene are often recommended.

Another raw material used for manufacturing storage products is polyester. Tanks made from polyester are known for their chemical resistance, making them highly suitable for use in industries and the industrial sector. This raw material is essentially obtained by combining fiberglass and polyester resin. However, to achieve chemical resistance, isophthalic and epoxy-based vinyl ester resin is added to the production recipe. As a result, these tanks find applications in almost every field. Particularly, people engaged in agriculture use these tanks to store agricultural chemicals.
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